Let’s Grow by Highlights Subscription Box Review | December 2017

let's grow by highlights
Let’s Grow By Highlights is a really great subscription box that sends books and an item or toy to go with them. Highlights is a very well know brand that supplies books and they have a children’s magazine as well so its not surprising that they would have a book box. It costs $19.99 a month paid every 3 months for $59.97 or you can pay upfront for 6 ($15.99) and 12 ($12.99) per month subscriptions. The first month you also get a canvas book organizer. I want to mention that I received these boxes in exchange for my review which is my own opinion I am not affiliated with this company whatsoever. Also being the wonderful company that they are, Let’s Grow also donated 2 other boxes besides the one for review,  to the two Families in need that we “adopted”, for Christmas gifts for the children. Now ill will show you these great boxes keep in mind that I did not want to really open anything that were for gifts.

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The first box is a bath box it came with 2 bath or water related books and a frog wash mitt. The books are “Boats Afloat” and ” Little Frogs Bubble Trouble” These are both board books and come shrink wrapped everything in the box is wrapped desperately. I think that this box could be for any age. 
The next box is called Let’s Explore it also comes with 2 board books “Finds it Around the Town” and “Find it at the Park. This box came with cards on a ring with pictures of things with their names to find in the books. This box I would say is for 2-5 but every child is different so I think that would depend on the child.
This box is called lets read the book organizer is also in this box. These are also board books “I have a Book” and “The sound I Love best”. This box also came with a cute little tote to carry your books. I think that this box would be for any age as well.

Nicole’s Notes:

I think this is a very great book box and a trusted name in Children’s Literature. And I also think that them deciding to donate to families in need says a lot about a subscription box. All of the books are great and high quality from well known children’s authors. If you are interested in subscribing to Let’s Grow click the link below. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you all have a great Holiday!

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