Matchbox Candle Subscription Box Review | December 2017

matchbox candle review
Matchbox candle Is a subscription box that sends candles and little gifts to your door every month. I got this box for a really great deal I think it was Free + shipping. They send things like food or drink recipes , matches, and a 6oz tin Candle for $32 a month.

This is the December Box.

The theme or Recipe for this month is Grapefruit Spritzer, every month they send a recipe for a food or a drink and then I guess the candle and gifts all go together with that theme which is a cool idea I do feel like this particular recipe is more for the spring/summer although this would make a great New years Drink too.

6oz. Soy Grapefruit scented candle ,While I absolutely hate the taste of grapefruit this candle smells really good. I am into the clean fruity smell and this is strong enough to fill my entire dining room and kitchen with its fruity essence. I am happy with it yes a great smell maybe a spring or summer scent if your picky about having seasonal appropriate scents but I am not

I think that this matchbox of super long wooden candles are really neat they are long enough to reach the wick of a large jar candle when there is not much wax left, which is easier than burning a piece of spaghetti like I usually do. And the wine drip on the box is so fitting at first glance I thought blood but soon realized that it was wine gotta get my head out of the halloween themes.

And lastly we have an adorable wine cork cheese spreader. I love this little spreader its o tiny and cute and like all the pieces fits with the theme this month which I think is really cool.

Nicole’s Notes:

I thought this was a really cute box the themes and recipes each month is a great idea that being said I also think that the price is kind of high the candle is 6oz yes it smells really good but is on the small side. I just feel like in my opinion it’s a $20 box tops and I am not trying to be rude the items in it are great but to me the value is just not there. All of the items in the box are really nice and are definitely quality items. If you want to check out matchbox candle clink the link below. Thanks for reading my review Happy Holidays everyone.

Matchbox Candle Site

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