Owl Crate Review I November 2017

owlcrate november review
This Months Owlcrate theme is “Castles, Courts, and Kingdoms”
Owlcrate is a book subscription that sends a new release YA book with a signed bookplate by the author along with bookish goodies that go with that months theme. The subscription costs $29.99 +shipping.  You can also buy past boxes and items from those boxes or a books with the signed bookplate on the site too.

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All of the items in Novembers Box
This Months book is The Glass Spare by: Lauren DeStefano. This is a fantasy story that about Family and the loyalty that is supposed to lie within. The kings daughter has a special power that she finds causes tragedy, and goes on a search for answers about her family and her powers or is it a curse? You will have to read and find out.
I Love this notebook that was made exclusively for Owlcrate by: Stella’s Bookish Art. Inside its just a plain lined notebook but the artwork is just gorgeous I love any type of stationary items like this
Perfect for the winter weather is this Expecto Patronum hat that was created by Owlcrate. I am not really a Harry Potter fan but come on this hat is adorable I like that its only black and white, I might be too old for it  but as a mom of 3 it will get used. I love getting practical items like this in boxes that we actually use in our everyday life its really nice and to me means that the curators of the box put thought into the items that they put inside. I don’t think Owlcrate puts any “fluff” in their boxes anyway and that is why its one of the few boxes that I pay for myself each month.
Another Owlcrate exclusive item is this magnetic Broach by: Juniper and Ivy designs. This is another item that my kids will like but its really neat and made well. Its a wooden shield inspired by Grishaverse, which I am not familiar with but that is ok because its really cool and my son loves it.
Eleven Bread Soap by Fizzy Fairy Apothecary this is inspired by Lord of the rings and smells so good. Getting pretty soaps and candles in gorgeous shapes is a love/hate thing for me I love getting them but I hate using them because they obviously lose their beautiful shape. Usually I put them on display until we run out of something then I have no choice to use it, but am always happy I did because really that is what they are for right.
 BlackBerry Mint lip balm by Geek Fire Labs. I like this balm very much. Before doing reviews I hated chapstick because I only had tied like the store bought ones but, my opinion has dramatically changed now I have a lip balm or 3 in my purse at all times and I am a little bit obsessed and this one is one that I carry with me. I like the delicate mint flavor and it’s work really well too and come on the design on the tube is the coolest one I have.
The author’s not in this months box has to be the coolest one I’ve ever seen. Sometimes they will do a little doodle on it but the rose and different colored pens is a really cool touch this one definitely stands out among the rest. Also included were gem temp tattoos which again is something my kids like so yup another winner for me.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am obsessed with Owlcrate I am sure you nociced me writing that most thing in this box “My kids will or do Love” and that is okay I get this box for the beautiful hardcover books with signed plates. I mentioned before that I am starting a collection and these boxes is the best way to do so because you get the book and all the other items for the same price as you would pay for just the book at a store like barnes and noble. To me this is one of the best Book Boxes on the market I have tried I am going to try another soon to compare. Keep an eye out for my Owlcrate vs. Spearcraft review in January. If you are interested in Owlcrate please click the link below to sign up or purchase a past box or book. Thanks for reading my review Happy Holidays!!

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