Helping Animals At Risk Subscription Box Review | December 2017

monthly animal mystery box review
*I received this box in exchange for my review*
This is a totally different kind of subscription box review than I’ve ever done before. I feel honored to be able to be a part of it. Each month Helping Animals at risk picks a different animals and sends out a mystery box full of beautiful items and jewelry of those animals. You are guaranteed items totaling over $50 each month.
You can also request a certain animal/animals too if that is what you would like. Part of their profits are donated annually to charities that help animals like Orca Network, Sea Shepard, Wolf Matters, WWF and many more. So this is such a great box you get beautiful items and the warm and fuzzies of helping these beautiful animals.The monthly Mystery box is $19.95 my box came from China but I couldn’t find an exact location. 

Cotton Owl tote bag. This tote bag is very practical and a good size it’s perfect for my daughters to use for a sleep over or even to pack items for a day trip to the park or beach. Its a nice thick cotton so it is a very sturdy bag and is also made very well I love the print too. 
Sorry for the darkish pics having a lighting issue. This is a light teal color. I love this Turtle phone holder/stand and its also and earphone winder you can wind the cord around it when its open then flip the shell down. This works really good because its soft it conforms to the table and is very sturdy. This will make a great gift for one of my girls too.
Dolphin Pin .What a beautiful piece this looks like enamel but I am not sure it has some weight to it and is just so very pretty. This seems like a very good quality piece I can’t imaging that it will tarnish at all I am very surprised by the quality of all the jewelry items. 
Exclusive Turtle Necklace Again what a beautiful piece this has gorgeous detail and the same high quality. This is a really stunning necklace the turtle is about 1.5 inches long the chain is adjustable too so there are about 3 inches of play.
Blue Butterfly Bracelet. This is obviously the same as the rest beautiful high quality silver tone piece this is also adjustable like the necklace which is great and it will fit a variety of adults and children.

Nicole’s Notes:

This is a great mystery Box for $19.95 you get wonderful jewelry pieces other quality items and also a portion of your payment goes to helping helpless animals which to me its like getting free gifts when you make a donation. This really is a Feel Good Subscription. As I mentioned before if you like certain animals just request them and you can get like all dolphin stuff or any animal that they have available and on the site there are tons. If you would like to help animals and get a super neat mystery box click the link below and check out their page you can also purchase without a monthly subscription or even make a donation. Thanks for reading my review Happy Holidays!!!

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