New Box Alert | Ciudad En Las Nubes Subscription Box Review | December 2017

ciudad en las nubes review
 *I received this in exchange for my review*
This is a jewelry and beauty product subscription from Mexico. I found this lovely lady on Instagram. She does subscriptions in 2 different sizes $15 for a mini and $25 for a deluxe, you have to send her a direct message on Instagram to order. This makeup bag is so stunning and sparkly. I like it a lot.

All the items came individually wrapped in cloth and tied with ribbon, how cute is that and it shows that she puts effort into her subscriptions to make them perfect for her customers.
I got this chain link sterling silver necklace, I really like this necklace its on the thicker side but looks casual on it could also be worn dressed up with a dressy outfit.
Anchu Yt eye mask. Isn’t this little piggy mask so cute. This is an eye mask sheet that you wear for 10-20 mins the actual mask is designed and very pretty, this is a super fun design.
Braided adjustable bracelet with stone peace beads. This is my favorite item in the bag I think I really like it. This will make a great gift for my should have been born in the 1960’s daughter.
Next up we have this tiny adorable lemon lip balm I love the packaging it is so very cute, this will make another perfect gift.
Double Pearl Bracelet with black beads and a butterfly. These pearls have some serious weight to them this is a quality bracelet its very pretty I do like it very much.
We also got another pearl bracelet I am not sure if these are real pearls but a few are misshaped like real pearls sometimes are which is so cool I love the face that they are not all perfect.
They both look very good together.
Rose Gold ring with a tiny diamond I Love this ring its very dainty and adorable. It has some geometric designs too its just very pretty piece.
Princess Crown ring with infinity symbols on the sides this is another super cute dainty ring. I was very happy to get 2 rings of each gold and silver tone more great gifts for the girls. 

Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this is a really cute subscription. We got 6 jewelry pieces and 2 beauty products and a super cute bag for $19.95. The only issue for people might be that you have to send her a message on Instagram to make and order. But in my opinion if you get an Instagram to make an order it will be worth it she has some beautiful stuff on her page. You have to go to @Ciudadenlasnubes  on Instagram to make an order. Thanks for reading my review Happy Holidays!!

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