Best Choice Products High Speed Mini Racing Toy Car Review

remote control car review best choice products
Oliver is such a boy! When Best Choice Products offered us a variety of their toys to review for you guys we saw this race car and knew instantly how much fun our little guy would have with it. This toy has a few cool features, like high speeds and 4 wheel drive… so we couldn’t wait to really have some fun with it!
*product was received free for review

This car is normally $59.99 but is currently for sale on the Best Choice website for just $19.99. The thing that drew us in is the fact that this car can go almost 19 miles an hour! That sounded like a fun toy to us!
Along with instructions we also received the car, control, an adapter to charge the car and numerous cones so we can set up a fun course for our car to navigate. 
This remote can work from up to 40 meters away. We really love though the fact that you aren’t limited to just left, right, back and forth with directions. These sticks allow you to make 360 degree turns! The kids really seemed to like the remote – and you can see why, it’s super futuristic looking!
To charge your car simply plug it in – no need for batteries. The car is small and lightweight and is 1:32 scale mini RC
The controller does require 6 AA batteries but they last quite some time! 

So the verdict?

Here’s a little clip of Oliver enjoying his new car
He had a lot of fun figuring out the controls and setting up the cones to go through the course
Here is one of the courses the kids set up!
And one more clip just for fun!
We think if you have a little car or machine lover that they’d get lots of enjoyment out of this toy. And the price at $19.99 can not be beat! Would definitely recommend!

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