PMS Package Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2017

pms package review
The PMS Package is a monthly period subscription that sends unique items that cater to your cravings, feminine care needs as well as other pampering items each month. The best part is that you select your delivery date so you’ll receive your items when you need them the most. Choose from two different boxes – The Original which contains 7 items for $29.99 monthly (reduced prices for longer subscription terms) and the Premium which contains 8-11 items (what we’re reviewing today) and costs $34.99 (reduced prices for longer subscription terms)
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the pms package
Our first glimpse inside the PMS Package
what's in the pms package
Everything that we received in our PMS Package for December. Once again this is an amazing, well rounded subscription box!

So what is all this stuff?

This black scarf has bright pops of blue and green to give any outfit a little boost. We really like this because of the many ways you can wear it as well as the colors, we don’t have anything quite like this in our collection
Here it is on. Would be super pretty under your jacket too!
Chocmeister Pretzel Snack Pack
chocmeister pretzel snack pack
One of the many items included in this box to satisfy our cravings are these pretzel sticks that you can dip in a hazelnut spread! The premise here is that you are eating less sugar and more protein – so this is healthier while still being tasty!
Tampax Tampons
This box contains 10 Tampax Super Tampons (of course a period necessity).
This Holiday Time Candle came in the scent “Moonlit Snow” which was bright and perfect for the season. We received a candle in our last PMS Package Box as well that really got us in a seasonal mood!
Long Grove Confectionery Co. Milk Chocolate S’More
long grove confectionery co s'more
This graham cracker is coated in marshmallow and then dipped in milk chocolate AND THEN drizzled with white chocolate! Sound tasty? Because it is!
Sanders Milk Chocolate Potato Chip Gourmet Snack Bar
sanders potato chip bar
From the bar itself you’d never know this chocolate contained potato chips. It looks like a standard milk chocolate bar but the addition of chips gives this one a crunchy, salty flavor that is unmatched! A great combo of sweet and salty – perfect for those monthly cravings!
Cucumber Eye Masks
We have been wanting to try some of these little realistic cucumber eye masks for a while so this may just be our box favorite!
JustBei Essential Oil Roll On
Another great item is this lavender essential oil roll on. Not only does this smell great but it also helps to ease tension and helps us feel more at ease
We love the skinny tube and the fact that you can fit this easily into your purse or pocket!
Kotex U Liners
This package of liners contains 16 long liners to provide even more feminine care!
We received 2 packets of Advil. We love when we receive Advil in lieu of Midol because it is so much more versatile!
Janis Melanie Brownie Cookie
janis melanie brownie cookie
A brownie cookie? YES. Sign us up everyday of the week.
This was so soft and sweet and had large chunks of fudge strewn throughout it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The PMS Package is a wonderful way to get all your period essentials as well as other unique snacks and fun items each month. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is fantastic. Everything is either a well known name brand (what we prefer for our feminine care products) or a lesser know indie brand (like the snacks and essential oil.) And curation is fabulous. We are loving how well rounded this box is with a healthy dose of snacks, feminine care, fashion and even body care! Always a fun package from the PMS Package

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