Dispatch by Break Out Games Review – On the Run Chapter 2

breakout games on the run review
As you may already know Breakout is a monthly mystery box for $24.99 a month that lets you be the detective. Each month you will receive a box and online sites that you will visit as well. Each new box of clues and possible more web addresses. There are series and each series has chapters this is series one you will get your starter box then the chapters like this is my 3rd box but chapter 2. So on to the box keep in mind that for my review I need to keep the information that this box contains hidden for obvious reasons but take my word its a great box, a great idea and a whole lot of fun and I’ve learned the more people the better we have 4 of us My husband and I and our 2 daughters 11 & 14 and we have a blast its better than any board game we have played on family game night.

This is the entire box this month we got 2 new cool items that we can use after or if we solve the mystery the fan and chopsticks which were a welcomed surprise.
We got a gorgeous cherry blossom paper with instructions on how to make an Origami Paper Crane…How Fun!!!!
This Japanese fan is so pretty its not paper like the other ones I’ve seen this is made way better. I also see some type of code on it I knew that these new items would be included to serve as an important clue I can’t wait to find out what.

We also have these very pretty high quality chop sticks now I have a reason to learn how to use them. There is also another code of some type on the back of the sleeve they came in, lots of clues to find out about.

We have a few letters and another new type of item which is the crossword puzzle. This seems to be the most exciting box that we have gotten thus far.

Some newspaper and magazine clippings, these are some of the usual things we get each month but I like reading them and they like everything look and feel like I just ripped them out of the local paper so cool.

And a bunch more papers, letters, and pictures. I really feel like this box holds the most clues and I can’t wait to really ding in and see what it holds I am very excited about it.

Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this is a great box for the price you can’t even pay for 2 people to go to the movies for $24.99 and this box provides hours of fun for a lot more people and this is interactive which is awesome. I do these with my kids and I really think that it teaches them things like problem solving skills and to look deeper at things because they might not be what they seem. Its just a really fun time for all of us we would rather do this than a board game or go to the movies. This is a great way to get people together to have a great time. If you are interested in getting a breakout box click the link below.

Breakout Box

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