*New Box Alert* Snacks & Stinky Subscription Box Review | December

snacks & stinky subscription box review
* I received this box in exchange for my review*
Snacks & Stinky is a new subscription box for kids that sends doggie inspired books and bookish items. This cool box is curated by Author Katharine Klunk one her books was included in my box along with other goodies this subscription is $29 a month and can be found on Cratejoy. Lets check out the doggone cool stuff we got.

First look at Decembers Box I see a lot of great items.
This is a really great children’s book written by Katharine Klunk who is the founder of this subscription. I thought this was so cool.

This is a really great book with really bright beautiful artwork. My son loved all the pictures in this book and that is a big deal because hes not into books no matter how hard I try, I am a huge book lover so I want him to love books but I can’t make him I guess. But he really likes this one we’ve read it a lot together which is so great.
We also got a Dr. Seuss Go Dogs Go! A classic childern’s Book.

This book bring back memories of reading ll the these books to my oldest daughter. I was happy to get this book as my last child was an unplanned blessing, I had gifted all of my little kid books to family members so we had to start an entire new collection for my son plus the other book were a lot of “girl” themed books like barbie and lps so this is a good gender neutral book. A great book to have gotten and another book he actually likes. I think his love for dogs plays a part in this and I am happy to find this out, I will be finding other puppy books in the hopes he will like all dog books.

We got a pencil, a stamp, paw print stickers, and a little dalmatian figure. All of these dog themed items are practical and were loved by my son so far this is a great box that he likes way more than I thought he would and I am very happy about this.

These are the cutest crayons that I have ever seen. They came in a cute storage bone too. These are not for coloring in the lines but for having fun with making crazy drawings we LOVE these so much.

And last but not least we got coloring pages, word cards and a paw print bracelet. Again all things that my son loved and these are very high quality items on nice thick paper with really nice illustrations. My daughter colored one with marker and it did not bleed through the lines like it sometimes can so that will give you an idea of the quality.

Nicole’s Notes:

I was super impressed by this box I loved that the author of one of the books included in it was the founder of the company how cool is that. And the fact that my son loved her book and he hates books really says a lot its a great story with really bright nice pictures that in my opinion would attract any child if they did mine. If you are interested in getting a subscription to Snacks & Stinky please click the link below. Thanks for reading my review.

Snacks & Stinky on Cratejoy 

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