Bomibag Subscription Review | December 2017

Bomibag and Bomibox are Korean Beauty subscriptions, I got the bomibag for $19.99 a month and free U.S shipping (I paid for this myself). I usually get Mishibox and I skipped my December Mishi to try Bomibag instead they are the same price besides Mishi charges 4.99 shipping, But I wanted to see the difference in products between the 2. I have quite a few Mishibox reviews posted on here as well. Bomi has a Bomibox ($37.99) and the bag. Bomibag claims to send sample, travel, and deluxe size samples in this bag. The site says if you are interested in full size products that you should buy the bomibox. So here are the December products in the cute bunny bag.

The backside of the info card was a pretty Holiday theme.
Skin’s Boni yogurt mask pack sheet (2) all the info sheet says about the masks is that they are rated some of the best sheet masks for 2017.
Leaders Vital Advanced Facial Mask this is a nourishing maks with blueberry extracts to keep skin hydrated. This maks is made from Geo Cellulose fabric that is supposed to stick to the skin better than the cotton masks. It stuck to my face well, kind of felt like a vacuum effect which was great for me I was able to sit up wearing it instead of having to lay down. My skin was soft and moisturized the next morning, I feel most masks do the same to my skin they make it soft and supple which this one did do very well.
Nature Republic Aloe Vera Mist. I already have this same mist so I did not have to open this one. I like this spray especially in the summer its a nice fine mist that easily gives dry skin a  quick boost of moisture that travels well I keep mine in my bag or sometimes my car unless it like Antarctica outside like it is now. This is a non-sticky spray too, I like it very much it works good to use before facial cream to help skin absorb it better.
Huxley cleansing water, This water is infused with prickly pear cactus extract which is a very good source of age-defying antioxidants for brighter radiant skin. I love this water we could have gotten a Toner instead which I would have liked more but I am happy with this water I love most K-Beauty products and this one is great too. It took my makeup off with ease and left my skin super clean feeling. 
Black Head Hell-Pore 3 step strip by Elizavecca. This is a 3 step strip for the nose its supposed to heat to open pores and pull our dirt and sebum. I don’t really ever see a huge difference when using these they seem to remove the sebum from my pores but I am still left with a few unsightly impossible to remove blackheads. This one works as good as any do the Korean ones like these definitely work better than the Biore strips by far so that good right?
Lastly we got 3 Huxley foil samples and 2 innisfree serum foil packets. I am not a fan of getting foil packs in boxes and having them count as one of the products like these do, to me they should be used for extras or a free gift, with that being said The Huxley brand is very expensive so I get why they are tiny samples and I was actually pleased because its a great brand. The facial oil soaked in to my skin so fast and did not leave my face greasy at all it was more like using a thick cream very luxurious. The essences and serums were great too the huxley items all smell amazing its a very light clean scent which I am all about in facial products. All in all these were good samples and I found a new Korean brand I love, which is the whole reason of samples anyway. 

Nicole’s Notes:

I did like the products that I got in this Bombibag but compared to Mishibox I would say I’m going to stick with Mishibox because I got more full size products for the same price besides shipping. But i did like the Huxley products and I’m always excited to try new beauty lines especially when they are high end like these. In my opinion this is a good subscription for someone that is interested in trying Korean skincare and beauty products. You get your money’s worth each month, I’ve seen past months’ bags and honestly they looked better than the December one, but that’s how subscription boxes work. And you get an adorable plastic Bunny bag each month and it’s just so adorable I was thinking I would sub for 3 months to get 3 bags for Easter but I was not as happy as I am with Mishibox so I’ll be switching back sadly Bye Bye Bunny bags. Thanks for reading my review if you are interested in checking out Bomibag or Bomibox click the link below, I would love to hear about your bags too if you get any Thanks.

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