Loot-Tees Subscription Box Review | December 2017

loot tees december review
Loot-tees is a t-shirt subscription by Lootcrate where they send you a quality shirt each month for $11.99 a month this is a recent increase it was $8.99. I am really not a fan of the lootcrate company but I was a subscriber because my daughter loves T-shirts like these and the great price, but I kept getting my shirts the month after like I got Octobers in November and so on. This is Decembers shirt and it came today so with the shipping delays and now the price increase Bye-bye loot-tees so this is my final shirt.

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This month we got Rick & Morty, as usual its a quality design on a very well made t-shirt.I do love the shirts they send I wish they could get their act together. Although My child is not a fan of this show because I don’t allow her to watch it my older nephew loves them so its a win for us.
Close-up of the design I love the color scheme of this tee.
These are the other items they sent out for December for loot socks, loot wear, loot for her and loot undies. Gosh I love those deadpool slippers they are so cool. Most of the items lootcrate puts in boxes can be found in the Loot Vault, but again the shipping for the vault items is also less than stellar. To me over a month is ridicules time to receive an item from anywhere in the U.S.

Nicole’s Notes:

Obviously I am not a fan but I am sure tons and tons of people Love loot crate and that makes me happy I would hate to see this company go out of business, I would love to see them deal with these shipping issues because I would re-subscribe in a heartbeat. Click the link below to check out their subscriptions or the loot vault. Thanks for reading my review and for the support of our blog we are grateful. PEACE to you all in this New Year!

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