Ivory Clasp Subscription Review and Coupon Code | December 2017

ivory clasp december review
Ivory Clasp is a Los Angeles based subscription company that sends beautiful handbags to your door each month. There service is monthly or quarterly and is $49 a month or quarter. They send high quality brand name bags, I mean they are not going to send a coach or MK bag for $49 instead the bags they send are more like new or up and coming brands since they are out of L.A there are so many new brands and fashion companies that start up in that area they have access to so many brands and we get to see what’s new through this service. When you sign up you fill out a pretty extensive style survey and the company goes by your likes and dislikes for sure. Now they have a new aspect, a few days after you sign up you’ll receive an email with picture of appx 12 bags to choose from, this is a new thing they are doing I am thinking this is to prevent having to take bag and resend new bags if people we not happy with the first surprise bag. It was all a mystery before besides your style quiz. I get the monthly bags I pay for these myself actually my husband does but I am obsessed with Ivory clasp its one of my very favorite subscriptions. Now lets see my pretty purse.

I picked this WITH/212 Central Park Navy Satchel I like structured larger size bags. This is a very pretty blue with gold accents and feet. I am very happy with my choice like usual.
This bag has a retail value of $108 which is an amazing value for $49
It has a zippered opening which is a must for me. There are also 2 d-rings to attach the included shoulder strap. The zippers are gold tone with W/212 in-graved on them. There are a lot of great little details on these bags that show the quality and craftsmanship. 
It has a black and white striped interior with 2 open style pockets for a phone and whatever else a tiny notebook maybe or keys and 1 zipper pocket. This is a very roomy bag I can fit everything besides my laptop inside but that is fine with me.
FINALLY… They are sending out dust bags with the purses. I’ve seen so many comments on Instagram and facebook asking about this and I am so happy to see that they are doing it. I have 8 Ivory Clasp bags and I keep them all in their original boxes (which I mark to whats inside)  stacked up on the side of my vanity now I can put up shelving for the bags in the dust bags I just wish I had some for my other bags I will look into buying some online. This is a pretty thick bag with a drawstring top, I’ve seen some dust bags that literally feel like paper and tear just as easy but these are very nice and they have the brand stamped on the outside too. 

Nicole’s Notes:

I love Ivory Clasp i think it is a great sub for purse lovers like myself I have 3 children and love bags I like to have all colors and styles but I can’t afford crazy priced bags, I have a couple high-end brands and just can’t justify the price tag. I have gotten many more compliments on a bag from this service then I ever have on my coach or MK bags because they are so common but most people have not seen the bags from Ivory Clasp so they are curious where I got it. I’ve never had a problem with any of them either but I do switch mine out often but they are made well so I don’t see them falling apart with daily use after months unless you really beat on it. If you would like to check them out you can click the link below and enter code NICOLE20 at checkout for a 20% discount. Thanks for reading my review.

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