Ricky’s Cult Crushes Subscription Box Review | January 2018

ricky's cult crushes review
Ricky’s Cult Crushes
Price: $11
Shipping: Free
Products: Approximately 5 Full & sample sized skincare, hair, makeup, or beauty tool products that ship from Ricky’s Store in NYC.
Ships: Monthly
They also have an online store and if you are a subscriber you receive 25% off online purchases as well.

This is all the products from my January box. I pay for this box myself and I think this is a great box for $11 its the same price point as birchbox and ipsy and sometimes Ricky’s sends all full size products sometimes they send samples.

Jean Pierre Charcoal Sheet Mask. This is a single activated charcoal sheet mask meant to minimize pores and help get rid of impurities. This works like every other mask sheet I have tried, I have never experienced a noticeable improvement but I still Love and use these type of masks a few times weekly. They do make my skin smoother and moisturized I like the relaxing with one on my face part of it.

Not Your Mother’s Tapioca dry shampoo. I have never used dry shampoo I could probably not wash my hair for a month before it became even slightly greasy, but my daughter on the other hand has to wash hers every day or its very greasy so she takes all the dry shampoo I get in boxes. She said that this one has a very nice soft sweet smell, and some in her opinion have a very strong smell. It left her hair clean feeling with minimal white powder residue to brush out. She likes this one very much and she has tried about 10-15 brands.

Skindinavia Post-Makeup recovery spray. This is the first time that I have ever seen this type of product. It promises to help prevent breakouts and replenish some of the nutrients that are stripped away with most makeup removers, if sprayed on within the first 5 mins of taking off your makeup. There is no way I can tell if this product does what it claims,  I will say it smells good and did not cause any issues for my skin so that is a plus. Will I add it to my skincare routine? Probably not since I already use other skin nourishing products and I don’t need another step in my 30 min routine.

Korres pomegranate lip butter. My daughter has been complaining about her chapped lips since last week. I gave her this she has been using it 3x a day since thurs (it’s now Sunday) and her lips are so very soft. This stuff works it adds a tiny bit of shine to you lips. She loves it and so do I we have tried so may lip products none work this well.

This dual-ended brush is from Ricky’s line of products. The brush side is so very soft, its softer than my morphe brushes I love it. The sponge works really good. I dampened mine and it was so easy to blend around my eyes and nose because of the handle. I like it a lot I used my regular blender after and was wanting a handle to hold, I think this will be my go to blender now.

Nicole’s Notes:

Ricky’s is a really cool $11 subscription sometimes they send out like quirky stuff or palettes too. Every month the value is way more than the cost of the box like this month the combined retail of all the items is: $40 which is great. I enjoy this box so much this is only my second one so far but I am eagerly awaiting to see what Ricky’s has in store for 2018. Click the link below to check out their sub or the online store. Thanks for reading my review!

Ricky’s Cult Crushes NYC

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