Freyja Subscription Box Review | January 2018

The Box: Freyja Box
The Price: $27.99
Shipping: $5.00
Ships: Monthly
Products: 5-7 carefully curated items for spirituality and balance in your life.

*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

3 Votive Candles with Glass Holders. All of these candles have a smell very similar to incense they do not have any stickers or tags to tell the exact scent but I think the green one is patchouli. I burned all 3 in my bedroom and they combined wonderfully together, my room smelled like the small shops I used to buy my Grateful Dead tie-dye shirts at on vacation and I love it.

HEM Frankincense-Myr incense cones. I have never had this particular scent before and to me it’s super strong. I had to extinguish it about half way through. Don’t get me wrong it was not a bad smell just very overwhelming, after it was out for 10 mins or so the smell was beautiful. I think with incense you either love it or hate it and I love it, it brings back wonderful childhood memories for me.

Brass Candle Snuffer, I love these and lost mine years ago and forgot how much I like them. When you use a snuffer to put out a candle there is so much less smoke and smell its so much better.

Winter Solstice Soap made with Goat milk and shaped like a cute little snowflake. This soap is appx 1″ in diameter and has a very festive pine scent not a strong smell a very pleasant subtle pine scent. This is almost to cute to use I did however place it with all my other “too cute to use” soaps in their designated soap dish on my bathroom vanity.

January’s Birthstone is Garnet so it’s only fitting to put one in the monthly box. My daughter has a birthday this month so she thought this was super cool and promptly took it to her room right after this picture was taken. Garnet is a fire stone also as it says in the info card it has been used in the winter solstice celebrations for a very long time. While we are used to seeing a polished dark red garnet, this is how it looks before it is processed, cut, and polished to make jewelry, and I for one think its very beautiful just like this. My daughters and I love to collect stones, crystals, and geodes so this is a wonderful addition to out collection which we did not have a Garnet before.

 Boho Tassel necklace in a beautiful dark red color. I don’t wear these as jewelry I have a few and use them for decorations around candles, or for my curtains and they look so very pretty.

Nicole’s Notes:

I love Freyja Box she always send really nice quality items. I get beautiful things that i would never buy myself but end up loving so very much I am obsessed with the Chakra items that she sent last month and I also get to sample new incense each month too. I would say that this month my favorite item is the snuffer is a very practical item for me because I burn candles all day every day by the dozens sometimes. Cynde, the founder of Freyja box is an amazing women whom truly cares about what she puts in her box and makes sure her customers are happy it is a great pleasure working for her and doing these reviews each month. If you are interested in Freyja box please click the link below and you can get 50% off you first box with a 6 month subscription. Thanks for reading my review.

Freyja Box on Cratejoy

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