Sleek Treat Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | Limited Edition Holiday Box

sleek treat review
Sleek Treat is a monthly sugar free subscription. They have a Limited Edition Holiday Box which features a “best of” assortment of snacks that fit into sugar free, keto, and LCHF diets. This box contains 17 curated snacks and costs $59.99. Because this is a one time box this is a great way to try out Sleek Treat without the commitment and there was a coupon code included for $20 OFF a purchase of $50 or more!
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the sleek treat box
Our first glimpse inside the Sleek Treat Limited Edition Box
what's in the sleek treat box
Everything that we received in our Sleek Treat Box. This box is PACKED with the best snacks Sleek Treat has included in their subscription over the last year! 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
Choc Zero Chocolates
choc zero chocolates
We received two pieces of Choc Zero Chocolate – one in milk chocolate and the other dark chocolate. These chocolate squares are sweetened with Choc Zero’s Monk Fruit and fiber blend
Bhu Fit Chocolate Chip and Protein Cookie
bhu fit chocolate chip and protein cookie
The Bhu Fit line uses plant based protein to give you a tasty snack that is nourishing! These delicious cookies are great for an after workout pick me up!
Tru Chocolate Squares
tru chocolate squares
These all natural and fair trade dark chocolates are sweetened with xylitol and have a great flavor while still being good for you! We receive many different Tru Chocolate products from Sleek Treat throughout the year
Eat Me Guilt Free Pumpkin Spice Cake
eat me guilt free pumpkin spice
Eat Me Guilt Free carries an entire line of baked goods made with Stevia to satisfy sweet tooths everywhere. We received this pumpkin spice cake back in October or November and think it’s super scrummy!
Caffe D’Vita Cappucino Packets
caffe d'vita cappucino packets
We received two packets of instant cappucino mix from Caffe D’Vita.  One in French Vanilla flavor and the other in Mocha flavor. These are so yummy! They are sweetened with Splenda and can be mixed with milk or water!
Vanilla Almond Atlas Bar
vanilla almond atlas bar
Atlas Bars make protein bars that contains Stevia and erythritol as opposed to common sweeteners found in your typical store bought supplement bar. These are a great snack to keep in your desk and purse and we LOVE the Vanilla Almond flavor!
ChocoRite Chocolate Pecan Clusters
ChocoRite Chocolate Pecan Clusters are one of our favorite Sleek Treat finds! These bars taste exactly like traditional pecan clusters – if not better! There are two patties in each package!
Everly Flavor Packets
everly flavor packets
These two Everly Flavor Packets came in a strawberry lemonade flavor, but the more important thing about this brand is not what they do have – it’s what they don’t have! No artificial colors or sweeteners, no caffeine and no carbs! Sweetened with plants and colored with vegetables!
Nunshen Tea Assortment
nunshen tea
Another one of our Sleek Treat faves is Nunshen Tea. We received an assortment of 4 different packets in a little cloth pack. Included were; Lady Gray Tea, Peach Rooibos, The Oolong Finest and Green Passion. A good mix of caffeinated and herbal teas in fun flavors! 
Cinnamon Smart Cakes
cinnamon smart cakes
Not only are these tasty little cakes sugar free – they’re also gluten free and full of fiber and protein!
There were two in our package and they both came in these cute little paper holders! The kids loved them!
The Good Chocolate Salted Almond Bar
the good chocolate salted almond bar
The first bean to bar chocolate that is 100% organic and free of sugar! This is one of our absolute favorite items we’ve ever received in our Sleek Treat Boxes. The chocolate is creamy and excellent and this bar is HUGE! Definitely a must try if you like a milky, creamy sort of chocolate!
ChocZero Dipping Cup
choc zero dipping cup
Ahh! This is one of the kids favorites! These sugar free chocolate dipping cups are great for all sorts of foods! Simply pop it in the microwave and dip whatever you want inside – for a healthier alternative to chocolate syrup!
Snowflakes Peppermint Candy Mints
snowflakes candy mints
We love the Snowflakes mints! And this peppermint flavor fits this candies namesake. We love to keep candies like this in our car and purse for on the go fresh breath! These little clear mints are sweetened with Xylitol
Tru Chocolate Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels
tru chocolate pretzels
For the pretzel lovers out there – these dark chocolate covered pretzel bites are gluten free and sweetened with Xylitol.
Great sweet and salty snack to have on hand for those times you just have a hankering for some chocolate!
Smart Sweets Seriously Sour Gummies
smart sweets seriously sour gummies
Sweetened with Monk Fruit Juice these gummies taste better and have a better texture and consistency than traditional gummy bears in our opinion. They’re also good for teeth and an excellent candy alternative for children!
Tisano Tea 
tisano tea
We received 2 packets of Tisano Tea. Made from Cacao Shells and bearing the most incredible flavor this is a one of a kind tea experience! Sourced in Venezuela, Tisano uses only the finest quality cacao!
Fat Snax Peanut Butter Cookie
fat snax peanut butter cookie
Fat Snax is making your high fat low carb life easier with their delicious teas and cookies. This peanut butter cookies uses a blend of Erythritol, Xylitol, and Stevia to make a beautifully textured and tasty cookie that will satisfy your cravings!

So in summary

We can’t break this down the way we do typical boxes because it isn’t a subscription but we will say that this is an excellent way to find out more about the Sleek Treat Subscription without the commitment. The assortment was fantastic and would also make a fabulous gift (think Valentine’s Day) for the people that can’t enjoy store bought chocolate! 
What are you waiting for!?

Get Your Limited Edition Sleek Treat Box

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