*New Box Alert* CA Found Subscription Box Review + Coupon | December 2018

California Found is a Subscription Box full of amazing items from talented artisans that are from California. For $50 you get a beautifully curated box delivered to your door, This is probably one of the best if not the best “Lifestyle Type” box I have gotten,every item is wonderful and useful down to the paper band that is around the info cards, the band actually has flower seeds pressed into it and can be planted in a pot or garden. How neat is that? Lets get into it.

*product was received free for review

ca found box review
This is the December Collection featuring 6 Amazingly Talented California based Artisans.

There is a nicely printed Information cards for each item telling a little bit of their craft, the retail value, and promo codes. These cards are by far the nicest most well made information cards that I have ever gotten in any subscription box.
These cool cards were made by: Inky Press studio which is ran by artist: Lori Hedges The cards we got are the Venice Beach Scenic Greeting Cards and my pictures really don’t do them any justice because the detail in them is so amazing. I love these and will be putting them on display in my home. 
The Hundredth Acre Candle Co is founded by writer: Robert Brink. He incorporates a Literature aesthetic to his candles in the hopes that they may bring happy memories to you with their beautiful scents. I have gotten TONS of candles in boxes and this candle is one of the best seriously, it smells so good and it literally fills the entire 1st floor of my home and gives Yankee Candle a run for it’s money. I will be using the code and buying more of these for myself the smell just made me very happy and I love it.
ADME Apothecary Charcoal and Lavender Facial Exfoliant, All the  ADME products are handmade in small batches by: Carrie Haley who began this company by making products for her own skin to repair and replenish regular daily damage without leaving behind anything harmful to your health. She uses all organic ingredients and develops blends that are safe for all skin types.
Just Jan’s seedless raspberry spread, Jan Hogrewe started this making jam because she had a very fruitful fig trees and did not want to see the fruit going to waste and from making the fig spread Just Jan’s was born. This is the smoothest jam I have ever tasted it spreads like butter and it so good it tastes like eating sweet raspberry’s and I am in love My daughter tasted and hid the jar in our fridge to stop anyone else from having any. its that good. If you are a fan of jams and jelly’s you have to get some of this.
K. Leone Designs freshwater pearl necklace 14k gold-filled. What a beautiful dainty necklace this is, its perfect to wear anytime with any outfit. I love how the chain is directly attached to the pearl and it cannot slide back and forth. Kristine Leone designs and makes each piece with the most amazing craftsmanship and love and you can see this in this necklace the attention to detail is wonderful I am very happy to have gotten this in this box.
Mini Basket by: LKLY Folk Art. Just look at this adorable little basket, what’s not to love? I adore it, and it currently lives on my vanity and houses all those tiny perfume sample sprays that I get in boxes. LKLY Designs is owned by Artisan Lisa Young and she makes all her creations with all natural fibers like cotton, hemp, jute and linen.

Nicole’s Notes:

This is an amazing box and I absolutely loved, like really really loved every single thing that came inside. The curation of this subscription box is impeccable down to the paper inside the box every single little detail was absolutely perfect I could sit here and write 50 reasons why this is a great subscription. It supports small businesses and local artisans (From Cali). The products that you get are wonderful quality items that you could not buy separately for the price of this box its a really great value the retail of the items individually is $144 that’s amazing for a $50 box. If you are interested click the link below and use promo code: NOTATREE20 to save 20% off of your first month. Thanks for reading my review.

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