Wonder Crate Kids Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | January 2017

wonder crate review

Wonder Crate is a monthly subscription that helps children ages 5-8 discover their inner power by helping teach them social, emotional and life skills. Each box has a theme and subscriptions are $34.95 with the option of a sibling add on for $49.90. Use code WONDER for 20% OFF your first box.

*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the wonder crate
Our first glimpse inside the Wonder Crate Box
what's in the wonder crate box
Everything that we received in the Wonder Crate Box for January. This month’s theme is “Mindfulness” and spoiler alert – the February Box will have an “Empathy” theme.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
This includes a letter to the parent and a list of each of the items included. They really do a great job of briefing the parent on the lessons they’re trying to teach (which we love)
As well as all the activities included and how we can expound on what we’ve learned
And finally, they list some mindfulness resources
Pinwheels allow children to practice breathing and staying in the moment
Maybe you are asking yourself how bubbles can help children learn mindfulness? They help children practice slow breathing as well as staying in the moment
DIY Calming Snow Globe
We received everything we need to create a calming snow globe. There’s a jar, a piggy toy, as well as a tube of glitter!
Stress Release Toy
These cute little guys help to relieve stress – let children squeeze and squish to keep little hands occupied!
Generation Mindful Card & Coupon
generation mindful
We received a number of cards with different mindful games and activities as well as a peacemaker card with an affirming message from Generation Mindful. Also included was a coupon to their online store
We love these as an inclusion! Such a great way to bring this box together
Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry Lee MacLean
peaceful piggy meditation
This adorable book is award winning! It helps children to understand just what mindfulness is ( a tricky concept for a young child)
This slow paced book teaches children that it’s not just about hurrying through your day. Sometimes it’s about taking your time and looking around and really seeing what is going on
We really like how it makes meditation simple and gives kids analogies that they can relate to!
We love how simple it makes it all. So much of mindfulness can feel so out of reach – even as an adult!
Is there a cooler shirt? We are going to be 100% honest… there were a few moments where we considered whether or not we could fit in this t-shirt ourselves!
Here’s Belle wearing it!
The cape included in the Wonder Crate comes only in your first box. Each following box will contain a unique patch that’s significant to that boxes theme to add to your cape
This one included a little meditation piggy!

Okay so now what?

First we made our snowglobe
The instructions were simple it’s the meaning that’s important!
Our first step is to hotglue the piggy into the lid
Then we fill our jar with water
And add the glitter.
The result is our mindfulness jar. When you shake up the jar and see the snow… you’re supposed to envision the snow as your stress… clouding your view. But once you take some time and let the snow fall you can make sense of what you are looking at. We think this is an excellent way to teach children how slowing down and taking their time will work to their advantage.
Next we iron our decals on our cape
Oliver thought this cape was awesome – especially since he got to choose where the decals go!
Here he is wearing it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Wonder Crate is probably one of the coolest concepts for a children’s box we’ve ever seen. There’s never any shortage of craft boxes and children’s clothes subscriptions but social skills (which are so important) seem to go unnoticed. The presentation is great and everything arrives perfectly. The quality is fantastic. We love the items that they include and think the cards and pamphlet are really high quality. Curation is excellent. This mindfulness themed box is a great way to introduce children to this concept which is the first step in raising mindful, thoughtful, and peaceful children!

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