Glassesbabe Beauty Box January 2018 Review

*I received this box at no cost in exchange for my review*

Cost: Glassesbabe $34.99  Littlebabe $23.99
Shipping: Free
Ships: Monthly Each month on the 15th and 1st
Products: Make-up items by brands like Smashbox, Korres, MAC, Benefit, and many more. Glassesbabe sends at least 6 full size items and Littlebabe sends 3-4. Neither size box sends trial or sample size products EVER!!!
Everything Included in my January Box.

The Creme Shop False lashes. These are made from 100% human hair and are very soft and manageable they were super easy to apply and looked very natural. I really like these lashes they don’t look like fake lashes at all.

$15.99 (twin pack)
Hard Candy Fierce Effects Single Eyeshadow pots. These are super pigmented shadows, the colors are so very bright, while they are not colors I will use for my daily makeup looks I can really appreciate the pigmentation, now that I know this about this brand I will probably look to purchase these in more usable for me shades.

$20 (surushop) $10 (amazon)
Femme Couture velvet eye colour, this is another super pigmented shade that literally feels like velvet. It has minimal fallout and works beautifully to highlight my brow bone and inner corners. I really love the color payout of this brand/shade. I am currently looking to buy a few more hence the two prices I have posted but from my experience Amazon is not a trustworthy site to purchase cosmetics from.

Benefit Lip Shine I really am not into lip gloss but this one is ok. It is kind of sticky like most glosses are but I do like the applicator brush and the shade is beautiful its like a holographic mauve and I love it I will wear this when my hair is up because of the fact that I hate getting my hair stuck into my lip gloss.


Waterproof Lip & Eye pencil by S.h.e makeup. Look at this cool cap it has a sharpener in the cap how cool is that. I have not opened this yet because I have way too many and sometimes they dry out so I am saving this bad boy for when I need a new one.

Kleancolor eye shadow brush this is a pretty cool brush i have mostly sigma, morphe, crown, and luxie brushes and this one is comparable to the crown and morphe ones. It worked fine and held the color well.


Estee Lauder Take it away makeup remover lotion 30ML. I found this remover compared to the balm I currently use to be less effective, I had to apply it twice but I find some makeup removers to be very harsh on my skin this one was not at all most make me break out this one did not make me break out but again did not work well.

Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this was a pretty good box with a retail value of appx: $64.00 which I think is pretty good its almost double the cost. I also like how they send only full size products. This is the the first time I got this box and I got it with in about 3 days which is super fast shipping. If you are interested in Glassesbabe click the link below and put in promo code: GBGIFT01 to get an eye shadow brush eyebrow pencil with your first box. Tanks for reading my review.

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