Freyja Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | January 2018

*I received this box in exchange for my review*

The Box: Freyja Box

The Cost: $27.99

Shipping: +$5

Ships: Monthly

Products: Freyja Box is a box of wonderful items for mind, body and soul. They include items like candles, incense, bath and body, jewelry and other spiritual items. This Review is of the January box the first box of the new year, I am very excited about this months products.


I was so happy to open my box to find this Beautiful Planner and set of gel pens, what a great item for the new year!


These gel pens do not have any brand name but they work really well I did not experience any skips in the lines when writing or any clogs in the tip that sometimes happens with gel pens. I actually like these better than the $20 set I bought on amazon. They do not bleed through the pages of the planner either which is a huge plus.


Beautiful Artwork to Color!

Each Month has tips and Other Spiritual info..Wicked Cool!

This is a really Beautiful Planner, I have had several planners in my time and none can hold a candle to this one. It’s so much more than a planner it has coloring areas and information on the zodiac, moon cycles and so much more. This is My Favorite Subscription Box item of the year so far. I am super happy to have gotten this book.


Vrinda Spell Candles These are adorable colorful wax candles I myself don’t practice spells where I would use these but I have friends that do and I have a few candle holders that they will fit in as well. These are scent free and are used for spells that require  colored candles


Handmade Winter hand butter I’ll call this body butter because I used it all over and it worked beautifully it left my skin soft and not greasy at all. It soaked in relatively fast.I am a fan of the very few all natural ingredients too.


Every month we get a box of Incense either cones or sticks. This  month we got Satya it has a floral type of scent to it and is actually pretty mild compared to other incense scents.


And last but not least we got a Blue Kyanite crystal. This particular crystal helps to protect against negativity and  increases intuition, spiritual energy and has other positive properties. The color blue is just stunning this crystal has layers and each layer seems to be different shades of blue and combines is just beautiful.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am obviously a huge fan of Freyja Box I enjoy getting this box ach month its one of my favorites to review as well. I learn a lot just from doing reviews about all things spiritual, meditation, and inner peace. This is just a great all around box for any Goddess and it has an appx Retail Value of $45+ so if you are interested in getting a freyja box and learning more about all things spiritual and chakras too. Click my link below and get yourself a Freyja Box.

Freyja Box

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