bombay & cedar subscription box review

Bombay & Cedar Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | January 2018

bombay & cedar subscription box review

Bombay & Cedar is a monthly subscription box that sends all natural and vegan aromatherapy and wellness products. Each box is themed and contains 6-7 full sized items along with two Bombay & Cedar Essential Oils. Each box has over $100 in value and costs just $49.95+ $6.95 for shipping. They also ship internationally for additional fees. Use code HOLIDAY10 for 10% OFF at checkout.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the bombay & cedar box

Our first glimpse inside the Bombay & Cedar Box for January

what's in the bombay & cedar box

Everything that we received in our January, “Nourish” themed Bombay & Cedar Box. This box boasts over $147 in value and as you can see… it’s super luxe!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

The first details each of the items that we received along with their retail values

The second is a little pamphlet that gives you tips on using your products and ways to really take advantage of this month’s theme.


Fera Moringa Powder
fera moringa powder


Get a serving of veggies as well as complete plant protein in these little greens packets. We received 5 in our box. You can enjoy your greens in any beverage or food you’d like – it’s a great source of nourishment and is made from only the highest grade Morninga!


Prayer Box Diffuser Necklace from Destination Oilswish prayer box dissuser necklace


This 3D cube is a portable essential oil diffuser AND works great with almost any outfit (and we are so glad of that!) We love the elegant filigree style that we think makes this piece delicate and special. Inside the cube is a lava stone, allowing you to take whatever essence along with you throughout your day!

A better look at the details of this pretty pendant


Bombay & Cedar Essential Oilsbombay & cedar essential oils

Each Bombay & Cedar Subscription Box comes with 2 of their essential oils. This month’s blends fit perfectly into the nourish theme!


This 10ml bottle of essential oil contains a specially formulated blend that is intended to help boost your immune system. This blend contains Lemon, Frankincense, Palmarosa, Copaiba, Petitgrain as well as Dill Weed Oil. We had to google a number of the oils in this blend because we’d never heard of them. We were surprised that both Copaiba and Petitgrain help with anxiety!!


Our second blend is the “Uplifiting” Essential Oil Blend that acts as an anti-depressant, skin tonic, bug repellent and then some! This beautiful smelling blend contains; Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Pink Grapefruit, Cypress, Clary Sage and Geranium Oil.


Organic Body Balm from NYL SkincareNYL skincare body balm


For cracked feet and dry hands this organic body balm will take you from winter to summer! Perfect for cold and dry winter hands – this barrier cream has an earthy smell with some notes of rosemary thrown in!

Great for all skin types, this products healing power comes from it’s all natural ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Kokum Butter and Calendula Extract.


Tonic Australia Eye Pillowtonic australia eye pillow


This gorgeous eyepillow is filled with locally sourced flaxseed and lavender flowers and is 100% made in Australia. Great for the jetsetters out there – we are kind of crushing on this print so hard!

It’s a bit vintage but with bright pops of color! But this eye pillow isn’t just for show – those lavender flowers make unwinding and relaxing a piece of cake!

And how cool is it that the back is made of this soft silk, like material?


Eat Pretty Live Well by Jolene HartEat Pretty Live Well


Have we ever told you guys how much we love guided journals? Seriously, the more the merrier. This one asks us to rethink food and to help us remember food as nourishment. The purpose is to ultimately change our relationship with food. This journal follows 40 days and tracks numerous different aspects of your diet.


We love the mixture of information and reflection in this journal and we also have to say it’s super cute!


Olika Birdie Hand SanitizerOlika Birdie hand sanitizer


This minimalist little bird is perfect anywhere you need an extra bit of clean. Inside there’s over 350 sprays of sanitizer that’s infused with aloe vera and essential oils as well as 10 wipes at the base of this bird. We think this is perfect for your car console while out and about! He fits perfectly into a cup holder!


Betty Lou’s Paleo Berry Blastbetty lou's paleo berry blast


And of course… what kind of nourish box would be good without a healthy snack! This paleo energy ball contains blueberries, goji berries and raspberries as well as nuts to give you long burning energy with an antioxidant boost!

We actually ate this at around 2 o’clock and were full until dinner! Very tasty


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Bombay & Cedar Box delivers a high end treat for anyone that wants to live a happier and healthier life! The presentation is beautiful. The box is gorgeous and everything is packaged well and arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome. We love that they source only vegan and cruelty free products as well as products from small businesses. And curation. This “Nourish” themed box came together so well. We love that they covered all aspects of nourishment (even some we hadn’t thought of). What an outstanding month for Bombay & Cedar

As far as box economy the Bombay & Cedar Box costs $49.95 and for that we received over $147 in products which is an absolutely fantastic deal!

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