earfleek review

EarFleek Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

earfleek review

Earfleek is a monthly earring subscription. Upon subscribing you’ll choose from four categories to select your preferred style. Choose from; boho babe, I don’t give a hoot, silly & fun (what we’re reviewing today) and minimalist but groovy. Subscriptions are just $3.49 monthly

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

what's in the ear fleek package

Everything that came in our Earfleek package. This is the Silly & Fun style so we were excited to see our earrings! There’s always little coupons and other advertisements inside as well. This month there was a credit towards Bright Cellars and an ad for a new singer.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert – this tells us the style that we received and a little bit about the Earfleek Subscription

Every Earfleek package comes with a hairtie. This month it’s plain black, in the past we’ve received some bright neon colors too!

owl earrings earfleek

The earrings we received this month are a HOOT (see what we did there?) These cute owl studs have faux diamond eyes and an onyx -like glazed body. The addition of yellow gold plating makes this style really pop! Definitely can’t wait to wear these – probably the cutest earrings we’ve received from Earfleek yet!


So in summary

We can’t break Earfleek down the way we do most subscriptions because we know what we’re getting each month. – earrings! But we can say the variety is a lot of fun and we are really impressed with the pricing. It makes a great first subscription box if you want something that is a cute surprise but won’t break the bank! We also think that this would make an excellent gift. Buying a 12 month subscription wouldn’t be overly costly and it would be a reminder to the recipient each month that you thought of them!


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