bodiscent subscription review

Bodiscent Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | February 2018

bodiscent subscription review

Bodiscent is a brand new subscription that ships from the UK intended to help you fight odors anywhere on your body from the inside out. Each month you’ll receive a 30 day supply of these all natural, vegan supplements. The price per month is 22.99 British Pounds which works out to be about $32.22. Use code Ashlei for 10% off your purchase.

*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video


Okay so tell us more!

Each 30 day supply comes in a simple bottle with a tin lid (which is pretty cool). The instructions say to take one capsule per day (preferably with a meal).


Parsley Powder

(Chlorophyll derivative that can be used to control odors.)

Peppermint Leaf Powder

Magnesium Stearate

Bodiscent works so well because it uses all natural ingredients that have astringent properties to cleanse from the inside out! The bacteria and other residues in your system that cause odor is eliminated with the all natural and plant derived ingredients in Bodiscent.

The capsules are the average size and green – and are otherwise pretty standard. We’ve been using this product for a couple weeks and noticed less deodorant application, which is pretty awesome. We don’t suffer from any odors that worry us or make us self conscious but can see why that might be important for some. We plan on updating you guys in 2 weeks to give you our final thoughts after finishing our entire 30 day supply!


So in summary

While Bodiscent is a subscription we can’t break it down the way we do for mystery boxes. We know exactly what we’re getting with Bodiscent – an all natural, plant based, vegan friendly product that works to rid you of unwanted body odor instead of mask it like other products. We like that something discreet like this exists and love that they have not only one month but also 3, 6 and annual subscriptions. It makes making sure you have your supply on hand a SNAP! If you are interested in the final thoughts… check back in a couple weeks when we’ve taken the whole 30 day supply!


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