we craft box review

We Craft Box Subscription Review + Coupon + Unboxing | January 2018

we craft box review

We Craft Box is a monthly subscription for kids that sends 2-3 seasonally curated crafts that encourage hands on activity. Subscriptions are $24.99 monthly. Use code HOLIDAY10 for 10% OFF or GETCRAFTY5 for $5 OFF your first purchase!

*product received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video


Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the we craft box

Our first glimpse inside the We Craft Box

what's in the we craft box

Everything that we received in our We Craft Box for January. The theme for this cool box is “Sparkling Polar Bears of the North” and includes bear themed crafts! We love — can’t express it enough, that double everything is included so that two children can be a part of the craft time!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This lists all the items included as well as instructions for our crafts

We really like when everything is simple to follow like this!


Bear Masks

We received 2 bear masks for our Polar Bear Mask craft


Model Magic

We received 2 boxes of Model Magic in white to complete our Sparkling Polar Bear Craft


Styrofoam Bowls

These two bowls help us to create our Cozy Igloo Craft


Purple Crayola Marker

And for our Polar Bear Mask Craft we received a Purple Crayola Marker


Pipe Cleaners

These white pipe cleaners help us to attach our masks. There were 4 included in total


Shimmer Model Magic

We also received a box of shimmering Model Magic to incorporate into our Shimmering Polar Bear Craft (we love shimmer so… bring it on)



These cool peanuts will help shape our igloos


Beads & Googly Eyes

Because Polar Bears need eyes and noses


Paper Towels

These will serve as a mold for our Polar Bear’s tummies!


Okay so now what?

Now we craft!

We start with the Shimmering Polar Bear Craft. The instructions ask us to take one pack of white and one pack of shimmer Model Magic and roll it out into a snake.

Children require a little guidance on this!

Mom to the rescue. Vivienne chose blue so this is her blue and white combination!

Annnnd… what it looked like when she rolled it out.

So, you are supposed to roll each individual color out into a snake and then wind them together to combine. But the kids were a lot quicker than us and mixed it before we could help them. So our snakes are multi-colored… but hey.. art is open to interpretation, right?

Our next step is to split our dough in half

At this point things got fast paced and we didn’t get to take too many photos. So we created the belly by flattening out half the dough and wrapping it around a crumpled paper towel. Our next step was the head, we formed it and then added the eyes and noses.

We move on to the legs. We roll a tube of our clay out and mark it at each quarter. Then we cut off each piece and attach as a leg

We end up with these little cuties! All we have to do now is let our bears dry and VOILA!

Our next craft is the Polar Bear Masks!

We start by decorating our masks

Next we use our pipe cleaners to attach them so we can wear them!

Suddenly we had two Polar Bears running around the house.. kind of crazy!

Loving the designs they came up with!

Our final craft was our Cozy Igloo. OLIVER COULD NOT WAIT FOR THIS.

We gathered all of our supplies together and got ready!

Before we could even start cutting out the door Oliver said, “Mom, I built a sewage pipe for the igloo.” We kind of love that he thought of that.

Vivienne … didn’t do quite as well?

Then we just build the peanuts around using a wet paper towel (Oliver added an ?antenna? to his as well)

Our final product!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The We Craft Box is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your children without all the legwork of finding crafts that are actually fun and have an end result (we know that’s our biggest gripe with crafts!) The presentation is great, not only is the We Craft Box packaged well … everything is super cute! Quality is super, we love the insert.. they make the instructions quite simple. And curation is excellent. The crafts feel appropriate to the time of the year and everything was simple enough for kids but came out AWESOME and we were really impressed with the amount of “hands on” activities this box included. Such fun!


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