IE Home Air Purifying Bag Review

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IE Home creates all natural bamboo deodorizing bags that work to minimize odors and also dehumidify all of your spaces. This set pictured above contains 4 bags of different sizes as well as two S hooks and a string for easy installation. You can purchase this set on their website or you can check out on Amazon. Each set retails for $17.99

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Okay so tell us more?

This set comes with 3 different sized bags. Each bag is filled with 100% Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal made from Moso Bamboo. The porous bamboo acts as a dehumidifier (naturally) and deodorizer … that means no chemicals or icky stuff! Another awesome advantage is usage time. These bags can last up to 2 YEARS! Compare that to typical store bought deodorizer’s that last at most forty-five days… seems like a steal to us! Plus, we think they look pretty dang chic!

The set also comes with two S Hooks as well as a cotton fiber cord to make hanging them a cinch!

Okay so how do I use it?

It’s actually quite simple. Just put your IE Home Air Purifying Bag anywhere you want to deodorize or dehumidify and you’ll notice within days … your space is fresh and clean! Once a month you’ll set your bag outside in the sun which resets the pores of the charcoal, the UV rays of the sun make it almost like new again!

For us adding one in our laundry room where we also keep the cat litter box was essential as well as adding one to the kids bathroom (that sadly doesn’t have windows) and while we kind of wanted to keep the lens off our litter box and children’s bathroom we did want to show you a couple possibilities provided to us because of the S Hooks that were included. We love how well it just blends into the decor, it’s just so neutral. And they’re small enough that they can be easily tucked away. We love these bag and think their great for all sorts of reasons!

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