dental experts toothpaste review

Dental Experts Charcoal Toothpaste Review

dental experts toothpaste review

We’ve been all about trying different charcoal toothpastes and scrubs the past few months, so when Dental Expert reached out to ask us if they could send us a tube of their charcoal toothpaste to review we JUMPED on the offer. Not only does this whiten teeth and freshen breath … it comes in 6 flavors!

Check out the unboxy box video
Okay so tell us more?!

Each 3.7 ounce tube costs $15 or you can opt to buy a mixed pack with one of each flavor (which brings the price down to $9.17 a tube). The packaging is interesting, it’s a pretty nondescript box with a little subheading that says, “Best Mint Fresh Fresher Breath Herbal” which we kind of had to laugh at a little. We received the mint flavored toothpaste (which smells strongly and tastes strongly of peppermint). But they also have orange, peaches, ginger, licorice and lemon flavor available. We honestly think this is a great option if you find yourself disliking the taste or texture of charcoal brushing systems. Because this toothpaste is all natural and made from organic ingredients in addition to being sulfate and fluoride free you can feel better about using it. No chemicals or artificial ingredients in this toothpaste!



Hydrated Silica
(abrasive Silicone Dioxide)


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
(cleansing and foaming agent)

Peppermint Oil

Cellulose Gum


Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Pyrophosphate

Saccharin Sodium

Clove Oil

Xanthan Gum

Bamboo Charcoal Extract

Disodium EDTA

Titanium Dioxide

So far our experience with this product has been positive. We like that they offer so many unique options and the flavor of this is strong and will definitely keep your breath fresh all day. We have seen some results in the whitening of our teeth as well which makes this a great product – because it basically combines the steps in most other charcoal whitening systems! No more messy powders – good old fashioned brushing!


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