The Happy Family Subscription Debut Box Review + 50% OFF Coupon | February 2018

happy family box review

The Happy Family Box is a wonderfully curated box to help busy families spend more quality time together making memories and doing meaningful activities. While the kids are having fun they will be learning too, this box is best for children ages 6-10. The box comes with 3 weekly activities/projects that come with almost everything you’ll need to complete the activity. Each box also includes a picture book or parenting book and a gift for Mom. We received this box for reviewing purposes, but they have 2 different boxes the Happy Family $29.99 and the Happy Family LITE $14.99 I am reviewing the Happy Family Box. We’ll be updating this post once we complete some of the crafts together!

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This is everything we got in our February’s Habit: Love Together

Week One: Make a love notes Mailbox. This project is to make a paper mailbox to put in your home and fill it with love notes and compliments to and from the members of your family. What a cute idea! This came with everything needed to make this mailbox except maybe glue/tape and decorative items.

Week Two: Play with sneaky service dinosaurs, This week we are supposed to decorate little wooden dinos and see what happens when you and your kids start doing sneaky acts of service all over the house, meaning a family member gets chosen then does an act of kindness for another ie: making bed, picking up toys,ect and then  receiver has to guess who it was then gets to do the surprise act and so on. I don’t know how well this would work in my house but hey we will give it a go!

Week three: Making and sharing a plate of cookies. First they make a sharing plate together each adding his or her own custom message or picture. Then everyone bakes and decorates the cookies and can deliver to a friend or neighbor if they would like. This is by far my favorite activity I think my kids would like it best too the press set for the sugar cookies looks super neat and I can’t wait to use it.

Monthly Book: Full of Empty By: Tim J. & M.P.Myers

This book is about a little girl who thinks her family is too busy for her but finds up what love really is. The illustrations in this book are beautiful. One of my favorite pages below.

TLC for Mom Drops of Awesome Journal, This is a really cool journal its got pages with things to write or draw. I am not a journal person but this one is cool and if I don’t use it, it will make a great gift.

I like this page the best!

Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this is a great box for a great price. There are 3 different activities that families can do together which is so nice especially now with everyone being busy with work, school, sports, and techie stuff. Families need to sit together and do an activity or something together it provides closeness, love and bond that seems to get lost now a days when everyone is on some type of a screen most of the time. This box is a great idea and I love it! If you are interested in checking The Happy Family Box out please click the link below and use promo code ILOVEMYFAMILY at checkout for 50% off 1 month subscription or FAMILYROCKS to get your 1st box of a 3 month prepaid subscription free.

The Happy Family Box

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