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As Oliver’s 5th birthday draws near we’re considering all of our options as far as parties go. And of course .. for a really cool kids party you HAVE TO have cool invites! Cue Basic Invite an online stationery source where you can create invitations that suit you and your needs. What immediately drew us in was the amount of colors that they offered! There are over 180 colors for invitations (which if you’re a Mom you know this is imperative for birthday boy invitations)! And also over 40 colors for envelopes – this amazed us because very often envelopes are just… standard, plain and boring!

We picked a couple from their online gallery that we felt were perfect for Oli to share with you guys! So much heroic symbols and space how could a little guy  not be excited for his party! In addition to seeing your creation online, Basic invite gives you the ability to get a physical sample of your invite before you commit – which makes putting together the perfect invitation so much easier!

We’ll definitely be going with Basic Invite for online birthday invitations now that we’ve found them! Basic Invite is set up to make invitations as simple as possible while still creating a high quality product. Their address capturing service allows you to reach out to friends and family on Facebook and other social media platforms to get their addresses. SIGH where has this been all my life?! Seriously, how many times do you sit down to write out and invite and realize you have to make umpteen phone calls to find out current addresses. Just another of the perks of using the Basic Invite service!

You may be asking yourself, “How can this deal be any sweeter?” Well, guys… we’ve got a coupon for you! Use code 15FF51 to receive 15% OFF your purchase at Basic Invite. Doesn’t really get any better than that if you ask us!

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