Hello Fresh Subscription Box Review | February 2018

hello fresh review

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery subscription box. You choose upon subscribing whether you’d like the Vegetarian, Classic or Family Plan and the number of recipes and people you’ll be serving with each box. Plans vary but $60 is a typical subscription price for 2 people. We received our box from a subscriber who had a coupon for a free box and want to share our experience with you guys.

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the hello fresh box

Our first look inside the Hello Fresh Box.

hello fresh recipes

Our three Hello Fresh Recipes. We have to say… everything looked tasty!

Everything that came in our Hello Fresh Box. There are three meals all sorted in brown bags with the meat on the bottom.


So what is all this stuff?


Spiced Dijon Salmonspiced dijon salmon

This bag contains all the produce and other items (sans meat) necessary to complete our Dijon Salmon recipe.

This recipe will be served with an Arugula Salad – so there’s arugula, apple, pecans as well as couscous, sour cream, dijon mustard, Turkish Spice Blend, brown sugar, and veggie broth. There’s also a package of Norwegian Atlantic Salmon.

This recipe proved to be extremely simple to make. We are not huge fans of fruit in our salads but it was still very good. The cuts of salmon were excellent and the sauce we created was a real winner!


Japanese Style Panko Pork CutletsJapanese Panko pork

Our next recipe was the Japanese Style Panko Pork Cutlets which sounded the most delicious in our own humble opinions.

This was probably the most labor intensive recipes that was included but we just love how they portion everything to perfection! In this brown bag there was White Wine Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Panko Breadcrumbs, Scallions, Hoison Sauce, Cucumbers, Ketchup, Sesame Seeds, Soy Sauce, Sour Cream, Garlic Powder and Jasmine Rice

For the meat we received the Hello Fresh brand pork cutlets.

Our completed recipe… this was delicious. We aren’t even going to lie. They have you coat the pork with sour cream instead of egg and it makes them get super crunchy and gold brown. They kind of reminded us a bit of Schnitzel!


Cheddar Frico BurgersCheddar Frisco Burgers

The Crispy Cheddar Frico Cheeseburgers probably looked the least fun to us (we just are not huge hamburger heads.. you know?) but were willing to try.. because it involved cheese!

This bag included two brioche buns, shredded cheddar, sherry vinegar, a red onion, ketchup, brocolli, and a tomato. In all honesty this was the simplest of the recipes

We received the Hello Fresh brand beef.

Here is our final completed meal from Hello Fresh. This was actually pretty tasty for red meat!


So in summary

This was the free box we got with a coupon (we also received a Blue Apron). We have a few feelings – one about the food. Everything was delicious and we feel like this subscription is intended for people who enjoy cooking but may lack imagination in the kitchen (ourselves, seriously). Nothing is impossible and there aren’t multiple steps at once. Each of the meals was delicious and anyone else that tried them also thought so. Our second thoughts are on the service. Firstly, it’s extremely expensive and while they may not waste any food… there’s tons of paper garbage to contend with. Secondly, as soon as they ship this box they’re charging you for a second… which is kind of devious in our eyes (be mindful of that if you ever get a Hello Fresh trial). But all in all if you are looking to branch out this is a great option!

Hello Fresh

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