blue apron review

Blue Apron Subscription Box Review + Coupon | February 2018

blue apron review

Blue Apron is a meal delivery subscription. Choose from 2 person or family portions and Blue Apron sends you everything you need to create world class meals at home! Pricing varies but plans start at $51,95. We received this box from a subscriber as a “gift your friends” type deal and we were honestly really excited. If you sign up now you’ll get $40 OFF your first month! (That’s $10 OFF each week)

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the Blue Apron Box.

There were 2 meals included in our box


So what is all this stuff?

Inside were all of our ingredients labeled and packaged separately. Included were all the fixings for our Tilapia Fish Tacos as well as Tilapia and everything that we needed for our Caper Chicken. What we liked about this subscription is that we received a LOT of food. The recipes did seem to be a bit more difficult and labor intensive than Hello Fresh – so we think this would be for someone who really wants to hone their cooking skills and go to the next level!

Our Tilapia Tacos were delicious, however they were a bit different for our tastes. We don’t put fruit on dinner much and would never had thought to add oranges to fish tacos but somehow — it works. Even picky Mr. I’m Not a Tree really enjoyed these

The tacos were served with sweet potatoes which is NOT a huge hit in our house… but everyone seemed to enjoy them despite their preconceived notions.

Our second meal was the Garlic Caper Chicken. This caper sauce was a STAR. So simple, just garlic and capers but so perfect. We seemed to get a LOT more pasta than necessary but that was fine we heated it for lunch the next day! This box fed our whole family (yes all 6 of us)!

So in summary

We received this box for free as a trial and our thoughts were great. It’s a bit pricey but if you are looking for a meal delivery subscription we’d suggest Blue Apron. When we cancelled (because it costs too much) there wasn’t anything off putting about their process and we weren’t billed for an extra week like with Hello Fresh. The food was delicious and fed everyone. And there’s a coupon guys… choice seems simple to us!


Blue Apron

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