match made coffee review

Match Made Coffee Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2018

match made coffee review

Match Made Coffee is a monthly coffee subscription that sends you craft coffee and gourmet cookie pairings right to your door. Choose from the Sampler Box that includes 2, 2 ounces bags of coffee and 2 cookies for $19.95 or the Deluxe Box (what we’re reviewing) that includes 4, 2 ounce bags of coffee and 4 cookies for $34.49. Use code CJ10 to get a special discount at checkout

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the match made coffee box

Our first glimpse inside the Match Made Coffee Box. We had a little helper investigating the contents.

what's in the match made coffee box

Everything that we received in the Match Made Coffee Box. This is the Deluxe Box so it includes a total of 4 different coffees as well as 4 different cookies!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert

This card explains each of our pairings.


Aloha Blend Pairing

This pairing includes notes of caramel from our cookie and Kona from our coffee!

The cookie for this pairing is Caramel Overload – not only does it have caramel bits – it’s also made with caramel dough and topped with caramel drizzle! This cookie (as all the cookies do this month) comes from Cravory Cookies

The Aloha Blend Coffee in this pairing is a medium-light roast of Kona Coffee (which we love)!


French Favorite Pairing

This bold coffee is full bodied and is balanced out well with it’s cookie counterpart

The cookie for this pairing features an oatmeal base with local made blueberry jam, dried blueberries and vanilla chips. This is probably our personal favorite cookie in this box

The French Favorite Coffee for this pairing is our only “Dark Roast” and works wonderfully with our cookie

It’s important to note that you can choose between whole bean coffee or ground coffee when you subscribe to Match Made Coffee. We received ours in bean form!


Early Riser Pairing

This pairing is perfect to get your day started!


Our cookie for this pairing is quite unique – containing an Earl Grey flavored dough as well as white chocolate and lemon white truffle.

The Early Riser blend for this pairing is a medium-dark roast coffee that is sure to start your day right!


Costa Rican Craze Pairing

Our final pairing brings mellow nutty flavor to the table that will transport you to a tropical island!

Our cookie for this pairing is made with a chocolate coconut base, sprinkled with almond brittle and dark chocolate chunks and then drizzled with almond streusel. If that doesn’t sound decadent to you… well then.. you’re too fancy!

Our coffee for this pairing has a mild flavor profile. And little known fact – Costa Rican coffee is our absolute favorite origin!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Match Made Coffee Box is a coffee box like no other! We love that they took a concept and completely made it their own. The presentation is great, everything is packaged and explained well. Quality is phenomenal. Not only is this coffee high quality but the cookies are absolutely fantastic! And curation, the whole point of this box is curation! Each pairing is thought out to create delicious pairings and really delight the senses! We think this is an all around awesome subscription box!

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