pet treater review

Pet Treater Subscription Box Unboxing | January 2018

pet treater review

Pet Treater is a monthly gift for your pet. Each pack for cats contains toys, treats and other fun goodies for just $12.99 a month! Additionally, they also have a Dog Pack for $24.99. Use code CATPACK50 for 50% OFF your first month of the Pet Treater Cat Pack or PT5OFF for $5 OFF your first month of the Dog Pack

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first look in the Pet Treater Cat Pack for January

what's in the pet treater cat pack

Everything that we received in our Pet Treater Cat Pack for January. As usual, it’s awesome!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts


ASPCA Collection Catnip Toys

When in doubt… go with a classic. We love these toys because cats do! They have lots of texture and appeal as well as fun rattlers inside! The prints on these little mice are particularly cute as well!


It’s Purely Natural Dried Buffalo Treats

Great for cats with sensitivities, the It’s Purely Natural Line from Loving Pets is a great way to give your cat a healthy treat that also tastes awesome! These treats are free of Glycerin, Soy, Grain, Wheat and Gluten and have no additives or fillers to speak of!


Cat Sticker

Each cat pack comes with a fun cat sticker. This month’s is this “Business Catual” sticker which is pretty darn hilarious!


Multipet Catnip Fish

This fun cat toy is full of catnip and is cute as a button! We love it’s little fins and think Swifty will love batting this around as loudly as she can at 4 AM!


So Bright Freeze Dried Whitefish Treats

Our final item in this month’s pack are these freeze dried Whitefish treats. In our experience freeze dried treats are way more appealing to Swifty than others… and while we aren’t sure why… we aren’t inclined to argue! These whitefish treats were no exception, she loved them!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Pet Treater Cat Pack is a great way to treat your pet each month without spending an arm and a leg. We love the assortment and the little extras that they throw in as well. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome, we love how they choose treats with health and sensitivities in mind! And curation – cute month full of useful items. Swifty loves Pet Treater!


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