teeblox february review

TeeBlox Subscription Box Review | February 2018

TeeBlox is a monthly subscription that sends a tee shirt every month they send licensed tees or ones from local indie artists called community blox they both cost the same $8.99 Not a Tree paid for this subscription we just subscribed and this is our first box so far. When you sign up they give a list of different themes like music, Tv & Movies, comics, Marvel, Disney, ect.

Our Shirt is by Mighty Fine I’ve seen other TeeBlox shirts by this brand but I do not know if they all are. I am very happy with my design I love anything marvel Im not huge on the white color but hey its alright I just won’t wear it around any of my kids…lol

Here is a closer view of the design its got all the bad boys of marvel well actually the good guys but y’all get my drift.

Nicole’s Notes:

What’s not to like ,this is a rad subscription I live for tee’s like these and at the mall they cost upwards of $20.00. so its a great deal. If you are not happy with your shirt at all you can return it for a new one. If you are interested in getting a great deal on some wicked cool shirts check out Teeblox by clicking the link below.

TeeBlox Site

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