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Urban Craft Supply Subscription Box Review | February 2018



This is a Subscription that sends jewelry making supplies to you door for $24.99 a month. They ship worldwide from the US, We were sent this box at no cost for review purposes. They sent us everything needed to make a lot of pieces lets get into this pretty looking box

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When I first opened the box I was shocked at how much it contained look at all these little baggies filled with beautiful druzy looking stones, smooth acrylic, and so much more. I photographed these accordingly taking into account how many pieces there are.

Here we have empty earrings in 5 different color metals like gold, rose gold (or copper color), silver, gunmetal and black. There is a metal for every taste need, or preference which, to me is so cool.

4 silver-tone adjustable rings. I was able to fit these from my pinky to my fat pointer finger, so they do adjust quite a bit.

We also received this type of earring stud to made the stones look frame-less. They would kind of look like those gauged earrings which are a very popular style right now, these could create the look without the hole.

2 antique looking gold, and 2 silver small pendants. These can be used on bracelets, necklaces or even to make a dangle style earring with a few more pieces. The silver seems to be double-sided while the gold has a design on one side.

4  large pendants these are the same gold and silver as the smaller ones. The stones are just placed in the pendants in this picture but they are the only stones we got in the box that will fit. I love the sparkle of these the pictures really don’t do them justice.

We got a baggie filled to capacity with rubber earring backs. I will never need another back for an earring in my entire life. I loose backs so often I was so happy to see this bag in the box, a very useful item for more than just making new jewelry.

These are all the colors of the druzy type of acrylic pieces. There are appx 8-10 of each color. They fit in earrings and small pendants.

These are the smooth acrylic styles except the mermaid scale ones at the bottom those do have texture to them. These are the same size as the ones pictured above  but are not as thick and have rounded edges. I received appx 6 mermaid and all the smooth ones that were in my box are pictured.

We also got 6 Glitter Shamrocks which I am assuming were included for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. I do think there are different “Special Holiday Pieces” they add if there is an upcoming holiday.

Also included was a tube of E6000 industrial strength adhesive. They say this is a sample size but my daughter used a seasame seed size dab on the pieces she made and boy does this stuff stick. I’m assuming I will not have to purchase anymore. Also included were 2 long cotton swabs to apply the glue which was great for my daughter who made a set of earrings and ring (pictured below) I did not want her to have her hands near this glue so the swabs worked perfectly.

This is the set that my 11 yr old daughter made, she enjoyed this very much. She said this is a great set for kids her age because it’s very easy to do, but does not look like cheap kids jewelry that comes in the kids kits that can be bought at craft stores. She also said this was a perfect activity for a birthday party because the kids would have something to do and a gift to take home, which is a great idea my daughter helps me a lot with reviews and going through boxes and sometimes has better ideas than I do. Proud Mom moment…lol

The earrings look cute on her and are not too big for her ear lobes.

Matching ring. She wore this set all day to school yesterday and had no issues at all and she can be very sensitive with jewelry sometimes especially earrings, but said they were fine all day and a lot of girls and 2 teachers complimented her on them…Proud kid moment…

 2 Necklaces the girls made

Nicole’s Notes:

This is a great subscription and for $24.99 it can’t be beat I could not go into any craft store or even the dollar store and get all these pieces to make for this price. I think this is a great deal for the crafter my 2 daughters were busy making things for hours. Which for any mom is great. If you are interested in looking into this subscription click the link below. Thanks for reading my review.

Urban Craft Supply on Cratejoy

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