bullymake review

Bullymake Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2018

bullymake review

Bullymake is a monthly subscription box for dogs that are power chewers. Each box contains a curated assortment of treats and toys (some of which are from Bullymake’s own line). Subscriptions are $39 monthly and are sent based on the size and allergy restrictions for your dog. Bullymake also has a 14 day money back guarantee on most of their toys… so if your doggo chews one of their toys apart before 14 days are up you’ll be refunded!

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the bullymake box

Our first glimpse inside the Bullymake Subscription Box for February

Here’s everything that we received in our February assortment from Bullymake. This had a love theme and was put together to be as cute as a button!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert

The reverse takes a look at each of the featured products in this assortment. Both of which are Bullymake’s own brand of chew toys


Bullymake Lovely Lamb Bites

This 4 ounce bag of healthy dog treats is made in the USA by Bullymake. We think the package is super cute!

These little bones make the best treats for praise… just a little something, something!


XOXO Chew Toy


As one of our featured items this month this nylon chew toy fits perfectly into the Valentine’s Day theme and looks a little bit like a Conversation Heart! Produced by Bullymake this toy is manufactured in the US with American sourced nylon!


Hearththrob Chew Toy


Our second featured item for the February Box is this natural American Rubber heart. Perfect for the toughest chewers, the ribs will give added texture while the little cutout in the center gives you a spot to put a bullystick or even some peanut butter. This toy reminds us of the heart from the Kanye West “808’s and Heartbreak” album.


Bullymake Quackstix

Made from duck these Quacksticks will be enjoyed by dogs of all kinds!

They look a lot like beef jerky and smell like beef jerky as well!


Carob Dog Treats

While these treats are not produced by Bullymake they are a Bullymake Box exclusive! Carob being the superfood that it is – contains vitamins; A, B, B2, B3 and D and is completely grain free.

The treats are small and moon shaped which we think is super cute!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Bullymake Box is a wonderful way to treat your dog each month. If you have a power chewer that doesn’t seem to be able to keep a toy this is definitely the right box for you. The presentation is awesome. We love the themes and the box exclusives each month. The quality is perfect! Everything is sourced based on quality and treats are created with health and nutrition in mind which we can get behind. The curation is absolutely adorable. We are loving this Valentine’s Box and all the sweet little hearts that came in it!


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