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California Found Review & Coupon | February 2018

Time for one of my favorite box to review, California Found! A monthly artisanal subscription from…yup you guessed it Cali. They send out amazing products each month like; jewelry, home goods, candles, personal and beauty items. Another amazing thing about this subscription is that they donate 10% of their profits every month to organizations that help the local community. Each month has a special theme or story to it and every box includes individual info cards for each item in the box which is so cool. This box was sent to us at no cost for review purposes. Each box is $49.00 plus $7.95 shipping but the retail always exceeds the price. Welcome to the February Collection.

Everything in this month’s box is beautiful as well as practical.


First up is the adorable little air plant from Momma Pots. This is my first air plant and I’ve been waiting to get one since these lil baby’s have been popping up in boxes. Finally, “Artie the 1 plant party” has arrived to his new home. Momma pots creative owner: Blaine Tiongson is a Cali native and mom of 2 who designs and creates all of her concrete pots. Her goal is to teach people to slow down and appreciate natural beauty in life.


Every month so far I have gotten a beautiful piece of jewelry and this month is no different. These opal and 14 karat gold filled studs are so dainty and beautiful (from what I got to see, my daughter called dibs before I even got a chance to really look at them). Erin Choi is the owner of Silver Willow Studio and has been making jewelry for 15 years, she incorporates the principals of harmony and balance into every piece she creates and it shows! These are one of a kind earrings.


Belle & Beast Organics has some great skincare in this month’s box with cool af names. This line of Organic skincare by: Christy Marderosian who started making her own skincare at 15. It’s blossomed into a growing full-time business that provides affordable ingredient conscious skincare with the best names on the market!


The Wren black and white Ikat by: kindred feather is so adorable, I love the design. Debbie Maclaurin started kindred feather after working in graphic design for 15 yrs. She discovered that creating bags and jewelry was her passion. She translates her laid back boho style into her designs which is the foundation of her company and we adore her designs and this cute little clutch.


I am so in love with these cards from ArtSea Inc. Chelsea Wilder is the founder of this super cool business. She started with doodles in her notebooks and used the sea as her inspiration. Now she makes beautiful hand drawn artwork with amazing detail.


Burning Beak Pepper Jelly, to be completely honest I was confused by this – thinking it must be a west coast thing. Then I made hot wings for my hubby and he said they were the BEST wings that I have ever made so this ended up being his favorite thing in the box. Burning beak founder and spicy chef Tori Kormanik cooked up her first batch of this fiery marmalade in 2010 after perfecting her recipe. And after adding various heats and pepper varieties Burning Beak was born. I am sure West coasters galore love this stuff because we sure do, I have ideas of other recipes I can incorporate this and I can’t wait to try them.

Nicole’s Notes:

Everything about this box is great. I use/display every single item that I have gotten from Ca Found they supply food items that we don’t have access to here on the East Coast and the art is always too amazing to put in a drawer and the beauty is always organic and good to our skin. I mean what’s not too love they find the best products in California and put them in a box for the rest of us to enjoy with a retail value over $120 its perfect. Click the link below to check out their site and don’t forget to add our exclusive 20% off promo code at checkout: NOTATREE20. Thanks for reading our review!

Ca Found Site.

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