polliwog post review

Polliwog Post Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2018

polliwog post review

Polliwog Post is a monthly subscription box for children ages 3 through 6. Each package comes with a personalized card as well as stickers to decorate it and a post card. Our favorite part? For every package sold, one package is donated to a child in the hospital. Subscriptions are $7.95 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms.

*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

what's in polliwog post

Everything that we received in our February Polliwog Post Package. This month’s theme is ” By Roads or River, Tracks or Trail” and has a transportation theme as well as transit themed stickers.


So what is all this stuff?



Our stickers this month have a transportation theme. There’s about 30 stickers in total!

Our postcard allows us to fill in our own picture and send it to a loved one. The best part is that it’s postage paid, just drop it in a mailbox!


And of course our personalized card for the month. We love the little prompts each one gives us. The front side of the card asks us if we can complete the bridge and also to spot the difference between the two cars

Our message can be seen in the top left corner. We chose this one ourselves, you could add whatever you’d like to your child’s! This card also offers children the opportunity to trace the trail on the mountain and use their imagination to fill in the second car on the train!


Okay so now what?

Now is when we let Oliver have fun!

Oliver really enjoyed the car theme this month!

As he did this card we let Vivienne fill in the postcard. He had lots of fun and had the opportunity to both think and use his imagination!

This is Vivienne’s finished postcard

In Oliver’s card he chose to draw an “Octopus” in the second train car…. looks about right!

And here is the front of his decorated card!


So in summary

We can’t break Polliwog Post down the way we do our normal subscriptions because we know when we subscribe that we’re getting a fun card and stickers for our kids each month. But we do know that the kids have LOTS of fun with this subscription. It’s perfect for the 3-6 set because it has a loose structure, so kids can follow along but straying outside the lines is still okay. The changing themes is another of the fun benefits of a subscription like this. It adds interest and the little prompts bring about intellectual curiosity than many other children’s activities lack! We really enjoy Polliwog Post!


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