piquant post review

Piquant Post Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | February 2018

piquant post review

Piquant Post is a monthly small batch spice blend subscription. Each month focuses on the spices and flavors of a different region of the world and includes four spice blends as well as recipes that coordinate with the month’s spices. Subscriptions are $11.99 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. And for a limited time, use code SPICE10 to receive 10% OFF any subscription length.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

what's in the piquant post package

Everything that we received in our Piquant Post Package for February. This month had a Chinese influence and everything sounded super tasty!

So what is all this stuff?


Our first blend is Spicy Tangerine. This blend contains just 3 ingredients; dried tangerine peel, ginger and crushed red pepper.

The accompanying recipe is for tangerine beef and looks as though it would be pretty simple to put together. We didn’t choose to make this one because we rarely have beef on hand.


Our second spice blend is this “Salt & 2 Pepper” which also has only 3 ingredients! We love the limited ingredients in each of these. If you want to see what we mean – when you are in the grocery store pick up any spice blend… you’ll see things like, “other spices” and even things like, “silica” are included. Piquant Post gives us transparency and we like that!

The recipe that came with this was Salt & 2 Pepper Shrimp. We opted not to complete this recipe because it calls for us to leave the tails and shell on (something the kids wouldn’t be into). So we’ll save this one for a kid free evening.


The most interesting of all our spices this month is the Silk Road Spice. A fusion of Asian and Middle Eastern food that could be found on the “Silk Road” is it’s inspiration. This flavorful blend includes; cumin, sesame seeds, coriander, cayenne, garlic powder, and sichuan pepper.

We were excited to try this recipe out – the idea of Spicy Tofu Steaks sounds delicious to any former vegetarian and the recipe is EXTREMELY easy. However, our grocer didn’t have any tofu… so we opted for our final recipe of the month


The final spice blend that we received for February is Chinese 5 Spice. A traditional blend that contains; cinnamon, fennel seed, cloves, sichuan pepper and star anise.

The recipe that went along with this is 5 Spice Chicken Thighs. Since chicken thighs are a huge hit (as well as soy sauce which is another of the major components of this recipe) we decided to prepare this one.

Our first step is to create a marinade with; garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, five spice and sherry (or rice wine), sugar, and salt. We took the skin off of our thighs to get maximum marinade flavor and then put them in the bowl with the marinade. You can marinate as little as 15 minutes or overnight… the longer, the better

Oil a large pan or wok and once your oil is hot add your chicken. Cook each side about 7 minutes. Garnish your chicken with scallions and sesame seeds.

We served this with brussel sprouts and rice.

This was a huge hit with the kids. It had tons of flavors (and ones they liked mind you). And the adults enjoyed it as well!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Piquant Post Subscription is a wonderful way to branch out with flavor each month. The curated selections introduce you to different families of spices which helps to really give you an idea of each regions palette. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is amazing. There are no preservatives and each packet contains minimal ingredients, leaving you with a high quality spice blend. Curation is phenomenal. All these flavors of Asia come together to create a great scope of the region! Everything was delicious!


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