imagination mail review

Imagination Mail Fairy Tale Fun Box Subscription Review + Unboxing + Giveaway | March 2018

imagination mail review

My Imagination Mail is a monthly children’s subscription box that sends an assortment of 8-15 (depending on box size) developmental learning activities and toys. Boxes include seasonal themes and is geared toward the preschool set. There are three box options; the Mini for $24.99 (also currently has a coupon 20OFFMINI for 20% OFF your first box), the Standard for $27.99 (what we’re reviewing), and the Plus Box is a lot like the Standard but sends weekly postcards from the month’s “Fairy Tale Character”. Each box is $32.99

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Check out the unboxy box video

first look in the imagination mail boxwhat's in the imagination mail box

Our box insert came in an envelope addressed to the “Grown Up Helper” and listed each of the items included in the box.

Our fairy tale character letter for the month is from THE EASTER BUNNY (since Easter is April 1st) and Oliver was excited to receive this! We love that it says “Official Correspondence”.

We also receive a calendar for both March and April with nationally recognized holidays as well as some of the more fun holidays!


Bunny Pin

The first item in our box is this little bunny pin… it’s from THE Easter Bunny!


Egg Head Game

This fun game comes with 12 eggs and a dice. Super simple and fun for little kids… you just add water to one or two and roll the dice. You may have to crack the egg on your head or you may have to crack it on someone else… either way laughter will ensue!

We had tons of fun playing!


Hatchimals Card Game

Not only is this a jumbo card game but it also came with an exclusive Hatchimal Figure!

Here is Oliver and I playing the game

And here is Oliver cracking his Hatchimal!


Egg Dying Kit

Because Easter is right around the corner we received one Car’s themed Egg Dying Kit


Velvet Poster

Can we just say how much we love these sorts of crafts? You can fill in the poster and not have to worry about keeping the markers.. they’re completely disposable! We just toss them away. We love the spring theme of this one!



What fun would a box without stickers be? We received this pack of 228 stickers in a fun spring theme! Often times we’ll pull a fresh sheet of paper out of a notebook and give the kids a sheet of stickers and let them go to town, so this is a welcome box inclusion!


St. Patrick’s Foam Sheet

This cute sheet of foam St. Patrick’s Day emblems is a great way to get kids to design their own picture.. all they’ll need to add is glue!



This tiny dominoes set is perfect for teaching numbers as well as grouping

We love the size and think that this would be a great addition to our sensory bins!


Card Stock & Envelopes

The possibilities are endless! Use your St. Patrick’s Day foam pieces to add to these pre-folded cards or draw a picture of your own. Each one of the 5 was a different color and included it’s own envelope. We love how this gets kids to use their imagination!


Bunny Craft

This bunny craft will be great to display after we make it! We love that they really bring together elements that children will recognize… like holidays and seasonal activities.



There were a couple packs of candy included in this box as well. You can imagine the delight of our children to see this!


Slime Egg

Ahh… slime. We think this will hide until the weather allows us to open this up outside!


St. Patrick’s Day Craft

These sorts of crafts are fun for a whole bunch of reasons. First, they are colorful which catches children’s eyes. The second reason is how simple they are. Most children can easily figure it out on their own! And finally the tactile properties are always engaging. We’ll be saving this until next year!



In addition to our sticker pack we also received one sheet of egg stickers


Squishy Egg

We almost thought this might be what would go inside our Egg Head Game.. but it isn’t. This squishy egg was a real hit around here… everyone wanted to hold it and squeeze it (please cross your fingers that it doesn’t pop on the couch).



A box of 24 crayons? Always welcome. We can’t tell you how quickly we go through crayons in our house!


Styrofoam Airplanes

There were also 2 Styrofoam airplanes included. These had fun spring patterns on them and were very simple to assemble.

Oli really liked these!


Easter Coloring Set

The final item in our box is this mini coloring set. There is a pack of crayons and a tiny coloring book included. Would be a perfect addition to Easter baskets!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Imagination Mail Box is a thoughtfully curated and presented box for kids. We love the amount of fun that’s included and how inviting it is for a child! Oliver knew immediately that this box was for him and wasn’t disappointed with anything! The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly and is packaged so cute! The quality is nice. They include brand name toys that children instantly recognize. And curation is AMAZING! There’s just so much included… how can you not love this box!?


Check Out Imagination Mail


Oh yeah… the giveaway.

We’re hosting it all over on Instagram. Follow the instructions in the description box and best of luck!

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