sleek treat review

Sleek Treat Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2018

sleek treat review

Sleek Treat is a monthly sugar free snack subscription box. Each package is themed and contains 5-8 artisanal, gourmet treats that are compatible with diabetic, lchf and keto diets. Subscriptions are $34.99 monthly

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

First look in the February Sleek Treat Box

what's in the sleek treat box

Everything that we received in our Sleek Treat Box for February. As usual this selection is pretty “sweet”- see what we did there?


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert, we love how detailed each one is.

They tell you more about the product and the sugar alternative that was used


Double Chocolate Chip Quest Protein Cookie

A new product from Quest, these high protein, low sugar snacks make a great alternative to traditional snacks when you are craving something sweet. These cookies use Erythritol and Stevia in place of sugar


Almond Bliss One Bar from Oh Yeah! Nutrition

A combination of real almond and real coconut these nutrition bars contains Maltitol and Sucralose in place of sugar. These taste excellent and make a perfect snack to keep in your purse or desk!

This was really good. The coconut and almond were great together and the texture was perfect!


Cocvia Dark Chocolate Mix

Here’s something new and innovative! We received 2 of these packets from Cocovia, one is original and the other is unsweetened. You can add these to your drinks or snacks to add a punch of cocoa flavanols to your diet! We haven’t used these yet but can’t wait to see what they taste like. These contain NO added sugars or sweeteners.


Pure Love Chocolate Bar

This stevia sweetened chocolate bar in the “Dark Milk” flavor was only one of 4 variations included in this month’s box. Among the others was, “Orange Sunshine”, “mmmMint” and “Black Raspberry”. Poured and packaged entirely by hand this high quality bar will give you joy with each bite!


Sleek Treat Love Pandora’s Pops

One of our favorite brands that we’ve found in the Sleek Treat Box is Pandora’s Pops. These fun lollipops contain GMO FREE Xylitol and natural birch fiber crystals in place of sugar. There were three flavors included in this month’s box; Popping Pomegranate, Dreamy Dragon and Sweet Raspberry. We received the Sweet Raspberry flavor which is super tasty!


Solid Dark Chocolate Wafers from Tru Chocolate

Sweetened with Non-GMO Xylitol this dark chocolate is healthy and natural. Not only do they contain tons of antioxidants but they also are enhanced with herbal ingredients that promote health and wellness.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Sleek Treat Box is a fun way to get tasty snacks that fit into your diet. We like that they hand choose the items to alleviate the trial and error of purchasing snacks on your own. The presentation is great. We love how each box is themed and everything arrived perfectly. The quality is wonderful – they really do strive to include only high quality snacks and treats. And curation is fantastic. We are loving this month’s assortment especially that they included another Pandora’s Pop for us!


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