The Pagan Package Subscription Box Review & Exclusive Coupon | April 2018

pagan package review

The Pagan Package is a pagan/wiccan subscription box with all sorts of items that are amazingly beautiful. This review is for the Gemstone Package that contains tons of gems and other items that are all curated to a monthly theme. This month’s theme is “Beltane” or May Day which is a Pagan Holiday to celebrate the gods of the hunt, forest, and fertility for nature crops and people. They set up an altar using things to reflect spring or new beginnings like birth and growth. They use sacred crystals like the ones in this box that are connected with fertility as well. In my opinion this is the most beautiful Pagan Holiday. This box includes items to make a Beltane Altar and explains why. I have gotten many boxes like this but this one, in my opinion, came with the nicest most functional items geared toward a specific theme. We were sent this box at no cost for review purposes Subscriptions are $39.99 a month. The site has quite a few different boxes to pick from for many needs or rituals.

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The Pagan Package came with almost 2 full pages of descriptions for each item and information about all the crystals. Like their properties, energies and the best place & time to use them. The info is explained very well for beginners and long time goddesses.

First thing is this “love” smudge stick, this one has white sage and lavender and smells very good. I’m not a huge fan of the smell of just the sage but it was quite a bit more enjoyable with the lavender added to it.

The next item is this Malachite & Clear Quartz Bracelet. Malachite is such a beautiful stone, this is the first time that I have gotten it in a box or even seen it before. It helps develop empathy, supports friendships and the thing about this stone I found the most interesting and amazing is that it is useful in healing issues that are caused from traumatic sexual experiences in this or past lives.


This is one of the most perfect stones for a Beltane Altar as they are supposed to stir passion and increase sexual awareness. The garnet is also lucky in love and matters of the heart, it’s said that a promise spoken over a garnet will never be broken.


This stone is a lovely shade of green which brings positive energy, enjoyment and pleasure. It strengthens health and brings longevity complimenting Beltane’s fertility rites.


This is a stabilizing stone – it gives courage restores vitality and stimulates creativity. It helps to promote positive life choices and success while dispelling apathy. The color of these stones is my favorite of them all this month.

Pink Tourmaline

The relaxing and nurturing properties associated with feminine energy make this the perfect stone for a Beltane Altar and fertility. It’s associated with the heart chakra an the potential to heal emotional wounds.

This is a Selenite wand and it is so beautiful. I have never had any item like this at all in my collections so I was ecstatic to receive it. Selenite is also known as liquid light and is highly healing in nature and can bring out balance and stabilization like the moon does for the earth.

Selenite Egg

Rose Quartz Egg

These eggs are symbols of pure fertility. The rose quartz has been long associated with love and compassion. Place these upon your altar to guide you toward a more compassionate self and empathetic way of life in the year to come. I love all these beautiful stones.

 Our Beltane Altar Decor Potpourri is a blend of flowers and herbs that smells wonderful and very earthy with a touch of lavender. This is perfect on its own on a charcoal dish or you can add it to you bath, which I will do – i love bath teas.

And finally, my favorite item of all in the box is this adorable little cauldron. It is approximately 4″ high and 4.5″ in diameter. This is the perfect receptacle for the potpourri and wand. This cauldron is made of metal and this picture hardly shows it’s cuteness.

Nicole’s Notes:

Personally I LOVE this box – like I said before I have reviewed a few boxes like this and this one came with the most crystals and some things that I had never seen before which is rare in this line of work. I like that all the  information I needed about every item is also in the box.This company really is doing an awesome job with this subscription, it checks all the boxes of what we look for. This box is so amazing I’m honestly considering dropping a few others to subscribe to this box. You really should check this out if you are already into paganism or if you are curious. Clink the link below and add promo code: NotATree5 to get $5 off subscriptions of 3 months or more.

The Pagan Package

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