Random Rosie Subscription Box Review + Coupon | March 2018

random rosie review

Random Rosie is a lifestyle subscription box that is customized to the subscriber. The owner / curator Tara sends beauty products, jewelry, candles, snacks, accessories, and so much more. This box is $35 monthly + shipping. We received this box at no cost for review purposes. Use code 35YEAR to receive $35 off a 12 month subscription

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She sent me the most adorable card thanking me for this review. I don’t know if subscribers get a card but they probably do because she does everything to make people feel special.

Broad Ripple Chips

These dark extra thick chips were so good! They are seasoned with garlic and onion salt and are very flavorful. I really enjoyed these as did everyone else in my family. I think the bag lasted half a day.

Pur Luv Grande Bone. I told her that I had a pit bull so she included a bone for her. This is a great company for dog treats with no by-products. Also, this bone is for large breeds which just reinforces how customized these boxes are.

I found this adorable silk pouch with 3 beauty items. A Wet n’ Wild lipstick in a lovely nude color, Clinique Repairwear laser focus eye cream – I like this cream a lot and I am usually not a Clinique fan. But this moisturized my delicate eye skin without being harsh. Some eye creams make my skin red and burn but this was very gentle. And a B.C eyeshadow in a beautiful bronze shimmer color.

This anti-aging sheet mask is another product that I told her that I liked. I did not find a name brand on the pack nor have I used it yet but I am sure it will be the same as all the other sheet masks that I have used.

What an adorable gold tone arrow necklace! I like the way that this necklace lays on my neck, it’s really cute. My daughter loved this very much as well so I gave it to her. She has sensitive skin but it did not cause any issues for her when she wore it to school all day.

My favorite item in this month’s box was the “N” plaque. I love the arrow design and the rope hanger. I hung it in my vanity area where I put all my favorite subscription items.

Another favorite was this Relax candle By DW home. It has a floral fragrance that filled my entire (very large) bed room rather quickly. I have never heard of this brand before but they sure know how to make a great smelling candle.

Nicole’s Notes:

I found this box to be wonderful. I was very surprised to see the customization, everything I said that I liked was included. People sometimes say they feel like a box was curated just for them, well a Random Rosie box actually is. Tara sends an email asking what your interests are, if you have any pets, etc. and makes the perfect box just for you. So, boxes are not the same… people will receive different items in their boxes each month depending on what they like, which I think is pretty cool. Click the link below to check out their subscription and you can add promo 35YEAR to get $35 off a year subscription.

Random Rosie

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