Footbelles Relax Subscription Box Review | March 2018

footbelles subscription box review

Footbelles  is a subscription box dedicated to luxury vegan foot care. This is a UK based company. There are 3 different boxes to choose from; the Standard Relax box is 30£ ($42.26) what we’re reviewing, The Rescue box 40£ ($56.35)  and the Luxury Relax Box 50£  ($70.44). We received this box at no cost for review purposes. I love how this box is dedicated to only foot care – they believe that foot care is as important as facial care.

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This is My complete Box.

 This is a soak of magnesium flakes and serves as a trans-dermal delivery system, which is the best most effective way to deliver the magnesium to the body.

W.S Robson’s Peppermint Foot Cream By: Chain Bridge Honey Farm. This cream only has a few ingredients and is lovely! The peppermint instantly cools my tired feet after chasing a toddler all day. I really enjoyed this cream.

 This foot balm also has few ingredients like the cream and is from the same company. This balm is wonderful, I like the same cooling properties but this softens the dry skin on my feet wonderfully. I use this before bed every night.

 This Footbelle’s Foot Mask is not like the peeling foot masks, it’s just a super moisturizing mask and makes your feet so very soft. You wear this for 20-30 mins the same as a sheet mask. This says to use up to 2 times a week to maintain results.

The foot shaped scrubby bar is our final item and is a raspberry smelling foot soap. It’s adorable and it has exfoliating bits throughout to smooth rough calloused foot skin. It works really well and isn’t too rough so my daughters can use it too.

Nicole’s Notes:

I like that everything in the box is dedicated to foot care. The price to me is really high because the box is in UK and prices are in British pounds and once it’s converted into US dollars it is quite a bit. I do love the products though they all work so very good and I find sometimes that products from other countries like these work so much better than things I’ve tried from the U.S.  If you are interested in checking out this subscription click the link below.

FootBelles Website

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