My Imagination Mail Subscription Box Review & Coupon | April 2018

My Imagination Mail is a children’s subscription box that sends holiday or fairy tale themed boxes with learning items like toys and arts and crafts and postcards each month. We were sent this box at no cost for review purposes. There are 4 different subscriptions to chose from they range from $9.99-$32.99 They also have special Occasion boxes too which are beautifully curated for things like the tooth fairy or a birthday. We were sent the Playcademy Plus.

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This is everything we got in our Imagination Mail from “Mother Earth”

We received 4 double sided conversation cards with questions that Mother Earth is asking. These are great to use during dinner or lunch with the family at the table. The enamel heart shaped Earth pin is adorable, my daughter collects pins so she was super happy to add this to her collection.

5 empty cards of different colors with envelopes and 5 fine point markers. These cards are great to fill out and decorate – my kids love making their own card for holidays, so we were happy to get these especially because they include the envelopes.

This “Love the Earth” craft set is so cute… you just stick the glitter dots to the earth. My daughter is in the process of doing this now and it looks really cool.

We also received a 1lb box of Sands Alive and a bag of jungle friends cutters and molds to use with it. My son loves this so much! This is one of those things that I never bought because of the messy aspect but it came in the box so I let him play with it. It’s not that messy if you put plastic down, he likes it so much better than play-doh and I actually played with him and its quite fun.

Pick up snakes ,This is the same as pick up sticks and came with the same directions and such, so this was a hit in my house. We all took turns playing. I think that the kids (my son in particular) like that they are snakes not sticks. It’s just something a little different.

 This little bag has everything we need to grow these little star plants indoors in the adorable star planter. It says best used in a well sun-lit area. We have not planted these yet but are going to this week.  I will post follow up pictures of the plants.

Scholastic level 1 reader book “I Love Rainy Days” is an adorably written and illustrated book for beginning readers. My son is starting to read and did okay with this book. He liked the dog and the rain and puddle aspect of the story very much.

This spring garden sticker book was of course a huge hit with the kids – they all love stickers! These spring themed ones are very cute with flowers, frogs, and bugs.The kids put some on their notebooks and things like that.

My son’s absolute favorite item in the box was this super high bouncing Earth ball, he loves it so much. He can find the U.S.A on the ball which I thought was very cool. The Earth is inside a clear rubber shell so it won’t get scratched and scuffed while playing with it which is pretty cool.

Chace got and Official Letter from Mother Earth herself explaining different holidays and other things about animals, nature  and the Earth. Chace thought this was so cool that the letter was specially written for him. This was the cutest item in the box, I thought they really did a great job writing this letter for children to feel special and what they can do to help the planet.

We also received a Grown-up Helper envelope with a calendar of holidays and an assessment checklist for toddlers & pre-school age children.  These are great ways to find out all sorts of holidays that I did not know even existed. The assessment chart is also great to see which milestones your child should be hitting by what age.

Nicole’s Notes:

My Imagination Mail is a great subscription for kids, they put awesome educational toys and other things in the box. Kids think that they are just playing but really they are learning or are tuning up their motor skills. I love how they have so many different subscriptions and special occasion boxes to choose from as well. The special occasion boxes like the tooth fairy one are awesome. I have reviewed a lot of boxes for kids but I think that this is one of the best ones  I reviewed so far. The price is on point for all the items we received. If you are interested in checking out this subscription click the link below. Add promo code: NATR25 to get 25% off your first Box!

My Imagination Mail

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