art truck in a box review

The Art Truck in a Box Subscription Review & Coupon | April 2018

art truck in a box review

The Art truck in a Box is an art supply subscription for children that has fresh art supplies like markers or paints and DIY items sent monthly. This subscription is $24.95 a month and you can pick a box for boys or girls. This is not just a subscription company but it’s also an art truck that goes to birthday parties, school events, corporate events or any other occasion. They supply everything needed for the art projects and they do all the clean-up, they have kids and adult parties . This is a Connecticut based company – I do not know how far they travel though. We received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Our April Box

I could not believe that all this was in the box!

First up is this adorable mini easel, canvas, and paint set. The canvas is only a 4″X 4″ square and the paintbrush is not even an inch long. So this is a tiny set and oh so adorable.

 This is a roll of blank paper that is over 6ft long. This is one of the items that my daughters were most excited about. They made long name posters to put in their rooms.

   This palette is so neat, it has a place for a wet sponge and to mix colors. There are 12 colors included in total. The kids like it because they feel like an artist using it. I was thinking when the paints inside are gone we can refill it with acrylic paints.

 This 5×7″ canvas is a perfect size to start out painting on canvas and also to frame. We could put this in a 5×7 frame to display after it’s finished as well.

These foam stickers are perfect for adding details to the canvas and for making your own frame.

A little selection of bracelets, a necklace and a party horn. I think these were included to give us an idea of what they have for the goodie bags that they supply for parties and events in the Art Truck.

 We can never have enough fresh packs of markers in my house for school or at home projects especially with my 5 year old who almost always looses the caps. Quality pencils are great for the older kids for school. And bling stickers… how cool are those to add a lil bling to any art project or notebook & journal?!

We got an artists apron too which just fits my 5 yr old. I think it would be perfect for ages 2-3 but we were happy to get it anyway, it did protect his shirt when painting so I was pleased.

2 of the best pops I ever had. These are made from I think the sour punch belts. They’re a lot like sour fruit by the foot and I loved it. They had 2 different flavors, I think the flavor in the middle of the pop was strawberry lemonade it was delicious. Only 1 of my 3 kids eats candy so that is how I was able to abscond one.

An info sheet a color wheel and and activity idea sheet were also included in the box. My daughter liked and tried the activity but a slightly different way and was so very happy with her results. These were cool, very happy to have gotten them because they gave her a good idea.

They included an information card about the Art Truck. I live in Massachusetts and depending on the price and distance they travel I might be booking them for one of the kids birthdays, If I do I will let you all know how it went.

Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this is a great subscription for a great price. There were so many things in the box and it’s a good way to get your children away from all the screens and video games to have some good hands on fun. The curation, price, and overall quality of items is really great for this box. My children liked it very much. It was a great way for all 3 of them to do something together and each have a finished project that they could display or give as a gift. They were very proud of themselves which is always a good thing to boost their self esteem.

If you are interested in checking out Art truck Box please click the link below and add promo code: SAVE20 to get 20% off of your first box.

The Art Truck in a Box

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