*New Box Alert* Box of Matter Subscription Box Review & Coupon | April 2018

box of matter review

This is a brand new subscription Box called MATTER. They send 3-5 specimens or artifacts each month They carefully select some of the most interesting and easily accessible matter in our universe. This box is really neat, it’s like having a few pieces of the museum sent right to your door. We received this box at no cost in exchange for our review. The subscription is $40 a month with discounts for longer commitments and shipping is included.

WOW…we are so excited to check these out! Every item came with it’s own info card

Our first specimen is an artifact from the space shuttle Atlantis. It was once a piece of the space delivery system, now it is a collectible from outer space even if it’s man-made it is still very rare. This is really cool and a very educational artifact, like I imagine everything in this box will be, we are very intrigued.

Next we have a vile of Meteorites

These Meteorites are also an artifact and include fragments of iron and nickel that compose some of the debris from  outer space. They enter our atmosphere at very high speeds and become fire balls known as meteors but when they slam into earth they leave these rock like fragment samples called Meteorites.

66 million year old tooth fossil

The tip was broke but that is ok – this is such a cool item to receive. This is a tooth from a Mosasaurus which was a type of large aquatic lizard but not a dinosaur. These lizards grew up to 50 feet and lived for about 4 million years until the extinction that ended the Mesozoic period.


This material is amazing… it is the lightest solid ever. It’s liquid portion has been replaced with gas. We got 25mL of these silica aerogel particles. When we touch it at first it feels semi-solid but it turns to dust and somewhat disappears when rubbed between my fingers. This gel makes a great insulators and is used to insulate the mars rovers.

Nicole’s Notes:

This has to be the coolest box that we have ever gotten. It was like having a tiny museum right here at home but we were able to touch and interact with everything. I can’t wait to see what they will have in upcoming boxes. This was their maiden box and it was amazing. My children learned quite a bit from these 4 items and had fun too. I would highly recommend this box for any science lover kids and adults alike as these items are great additions to anyone’s collection.  If you are interested in checking out Box of Matter or looking at their extensive online store click the link below and use code: DARKMATTER to get 10% off all new subscriptions.

Box of Matter

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