club scikidz review

Club SciKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2018

club scikidz review

Club SciKidz Subscription is a monthly children’s box that sends a themed assortment of experiments and activities based around one of the STEM fields. Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly and upon subscribing you’ll receive an introductory box with a magnifying glass, apron and tweezers in addition to that month’s kit.

*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the club sci kidz box

Our first glimpse inside the Club SciKidz Box

what's in the club scikidz box

Everything that we received in our Club SciKidz Box for March. The theme of this box is “Healing Hands” and covers things and functions that occur in the body.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. The card lists all the items included and our Activity Guide details each of this month’s activities.

Each of experiments are explained in detail. We really love how they give the why behind each one. For instance, why the chemical reaction happens or why the cause led to the effect.


This package contained; Indophenol, Litmus Paper and 2 small plastic cups. This will be used in our Vitamin C Test


This foam sheet (we received orange) will be used in our hand engineering craft


In this array were 2 larger plastic cups, a dollop of clay and two flat toothpicks


And well… 2 juice boxes to be used in our Vitamin C test. The kids couldn’t wait to use these!


In this baggie is some dish soap, toothpicks, a pipette and another plastic baggie. This will be used in our Strawberry DNA activity


This little sheet tells us a bit about honey


This vital signs worksheet will help us in our “Vital Signs Activity”


This experiment helps you to understand how your tastebuds work by using different foods to see what parts of your tongue feel most “activated” by different flavors


This titration sheet will help us to record our results in the Vitamin C test


This stethoscope is so much fun. The kids couldn’t wait to play with this, it will be used in our vital signs activity.


A paper towel. Not sure what this was included for. We are always inclined to just grab our own!


In this packet we received more items for our hand activity. There are colored straws, twine, beads, and a dowel


And our final items are a honeycomb, a honey stick, a wick and a piece of parchment paper. We’ll be making a beeswax candle!


Okay, so now what?

Now we get with the learning!

Our first activity is the Vitamin C test. We gather all of our matierals

Next we label our 2 cups with the type of juice they’ll contain. The instructions say to use a sharpie but we’ve vowed that until all the children are 6 or older we just WON’T keep them in the house. We opted for a highlighter instead. They were orange and apple so it wasn’t hard to tell the difference even if they weren’t labeled!


We add our Indophenol drops one at a time to each juice. Continuing until the color changes. The juice that changes the most contains more vitamin C.

It was definitely the orange juice!

We then use litmus paper to tell whether these juices are acidic or basic and record all of our findings on our titration worksheet.


Next we did the vital signs activity. We first listened to our own hearts and then we listened to a friends. We recorded our own “heart’s song” as well as our pulse and it’s average


Then we take our piece of clay, put a toothpick in it and rest it on a pulse point on our wrist. We watch for a swaying to know we’ve found our heartbeat and then count the beats per minute. We have to admit this was really cool!


Now we gather together everything to make our beeswax candle.

We lay our honeycomb on the parchment and then line the wick up with one of the sides and press it in.

Then we gently tuck it in and roll. We have to admit that we did this activity ourselves. We kind of wanted to see how good we could make this look and are extremely happy with the results!

Our next and final activity was the hand skeleton activity. We were really excited about this but as you guys may know… working with kids can be unpredictable

Hand is traced

We cut our straws into pieces and started to string our “bones”… and then as we added them to the hand we first cut the hand and then cut the strings… so unfortunately.. this is the best hand we could come up with!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Club SciKidz Box is a great way enjoy some quality time with your kids while also learning. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome – we love that they included honey and a honeycomb, how cool is that?! And curation … for a “Healing Hands” box we are really impressed with the assortment that they chose to send. We love the activities for the month and think they stayed pretty well focused on the topic!


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