optikal contact care review

Optikal Contact Care Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2018

optikal contact care review

Optikal Contact Care is a quarterly subscription for people who wear contacts. Upon subscribing you’ll select your contact style ( monthly or daily), for monthly contact lens wearers  it will be $32.99 and for daily contact lens wearers it’s $54.99. You’ll also select your preferred brand, contact color and solution brand.

*product was received free for review

Check Out the Unboxy Box Video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the Optikal Subscription Box

what's in the optikal box

Everything that we received in our Optikal Contact Care Box. There’s everything you’ll need bundled into this box – no last minute runs to grab forgotten contact accessories!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. One is a calendar – so you never forget when you need to replace your contacts and the other is just a little intro to the box.



Because we don’t wear contacts these are empty boxes (seemed extremely wasteful for us to get contacts)! But this is just one of the many brands that you’ll be able to choose from when you subscribe to Optikal Contact Care. Each box is labeled with whether they are left or right lenses.


Lens Cases

There are also 3 contact lens cases in these bright primary colors. The right side is labeled with an “R” so you can easily determine which contact is which!



Additionally, we received 5 contact lens wipes. These are in Optikal’s own brand!


Lens Solution

We received a large (10 ounce) bottle of lens solution. This is another item that you can choose between multiple brands for when subscribing. We received the Opti-Free Pure Moist.


Travel Lens Solution

This was our box bonus. A travel sized (2 ounce) bottle of lens solution from the same brand that the large bottle came from.


So in summary

We can’t break this subscription down the way we do most of our subscriptions because we do know what we’re getting when we subscribe but we like the service that is offered. It’s one of those things you will no longer have to plan ahead for because Optikal will have you covered! We love the variety that they offer and that they bundle everything together to make it super simple! Great subscription for contact lens wearers!


Optikal Contact Care

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