pretty pink box review

Pretty Pink Box Subscription Review + Exclusive Coupon + Unboxing | April 2018

pretty pink box review

Pretty Pink Box is a brand new monthly period subscription box. There are 5 different boxes to choose from; the Essentials sends 35 essential items (pads etc.) and a special gift and costs $24.99, the Perfect Pink Box sends all the essential items PLUS 3-5 pampering and 3-5 craving items for $34.99 (what we’re reviewing today), there’s also a vegan or gluten free box that sends all the essentials as well as 5-7 vegan or gluten free pampering and 5-7 vegan or gluten free craving items. Each of these boxes is $44.99. Finally, there’s the Ultimate Pretty Pink Box this box contains all the essentials as well as 5-7 pampering and 5-7 craving items. Each box is $44.99. Use code PRETTYASHELI2 for 10% OFF.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the pretty pink box

Our first glimpse inside the Pretty Pink Box

what's in the pretty pink box

Everything that we received in our Pretty Pink Box. Okay, this is probably the most stuff we’ve ever received in one box. So much so that, our husband walked into the room (and believe us… he’s unphased by boxes… especially time of the month boxes) and said, “Dang all that came in one box?” That’s your seal of approval guys!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

Our pamphlet explains the subscription and the items that were included

There is also some period humor included as well!

And there’s also a tip for the month. This month’s? Chocolate!


Modella Styling Tool Case

We actually need one of these for traveling with our straightener. We love the bright pink and black floral design and this particular case has a pocket in the back to store our cord. Definitely a great addition to this box.


L’Oreal Nail Polish

From the Extraordinaire Collection this nude polish will make you feel like a queen when you need it the most. It’s always important to remember to take time out for yourself… and you can do just that with a little mani session!


Trolli Sour Brite Eggs

These tasty little sour eggs make a great little compliment to this box. We’ll probably have to share these with the kids… boo!



This box sends you such a huge variety of snacks. Sending Oreos is such a huge crowd pleaser… we can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t be excited by this! There were six cookies in this package!


Quaker Chewy Dipps

We have to be completely honest and say we love these for school lunches. The kids are really loving the chocolate chip flavor… so we never even got to try this one!


Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies

One of our favorites, these delicious shortbread cookies from Lorna Doone are great with a nice relaxing cup of tea. There were six cookies in total… yummy!


Creamy Jif to Go

Use these little peanut butter singles to dip or just to eat! We prefer crunchy but will eat either! A fun addition to the craving portion of this box!


Tea Assortment

There were 4 tea bags included in the Pretty Pink Box. Each of them were herbal and from Bigelow Teas (we love Bigelow). There were 2 Cozy Chamomile, 1 Mint Medley Tea (we are partial to this variety), and 1 Orange & Spice. So this definitely gives us a great selection to choose from.


Spa Savvy Shower Cap

We’ve actually been wanting one of these. We got one and it was a wee bit too small for our head. This one is oversized so it should work great. The zebra stripes are fun and it’s woven inside so it’s soft and comfy!


Nail Polish Remover Wipes

For when you need to get your mani off! These 4 nail polish remover wipes from PDI are great to keep in your purse or desk for touch ups!


Kit Kat

Remember this month’s tip? Chocolate. Pretty Pink Box has you covered.


Good Wipes Down There Wipes

We’ve tried these wipes before and have to say we really like them! The lavender scent is pleasant and they’re great to keep on hand (in the purse or car) for all the time freshness. We received 2 in this month’s box!


Spa Savvy Shower Comb

We love wet brushes… they are great for curly hair! We have a wet comb already but keep it on our nightstand for after shower. The hook at the end of this comb will allow us to keep it in the shower! And it’s in our favorite color orange… how cool is that?


Trolli Sour Brite Crawler Minis

Trolli is pretty much the King of sour candy so including them in a group of craving items makes a LOT of sense. This cute little pack is great to throw in your bag to eat on the go!



Use these bags to dispose of your feminine hygiene products discretely!


Toe Separators

While you are pampering yourself with a mani go ahead and give yourself a pedi as well with these cute little foam toe separators!


SpaLife Soothing Spa Eye Pads

We’ve been seeing these fun cucumber designed eye masks all over the place. Now we get to try them for ourselves!


Malie System Cucumber Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask

Skincare is always a welcome inclusion in our opinion. So yes to this cucumber essence sheet mask!


Malie System Green Tea Sheet Mask

Our final skincare product is this green tea sheet mask. We love when skincare includes caffeine because it does in fact improve the appearance of skin. Can’t wait to try this one out!


Beyond Bodi Heat Pain Patch

We love getting these. We use them where ever we need to – back, legs, tummy whatever! They last forever!


Milano Cookies

A classic in decadence and definitely a great way to curb those period cravings. We love this mini package of Milano Cookies – it’s super cute!


Snyder’s Mini Pretzels

We LOOOOVE pretzels! So we definitely consider pretzels of both the comfort and craving category snack! And Hanover isn’t too far from us!



There are 7 tampons included in this subscription. We love how they are all wrapped up in ribbon

Nonni’s THIN Addictives

These thin biscotti slices are so yummy. We love Biscotti but find that the large pieces are hard to bite into. These are the perfect width to enjoy (and dunk in coffee)



We received 2 packets of Advil in this subscription. We love getting Advil opposed to Midol – it’s so much more versatile!



We received a mix of 4 super pads, 5 regular and 4 pantiliners for a total of 13 pads.


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Pretty Pink Box is an awesome subscription and we just CAN’T GET OVER how much is in these boxes! The presentation is great. Everything is packaged well ( and discretely) and arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome. Everything included (especially the snacks) are name brand. And curation is so GOOOOOOOOOD! Seriously, there is just so much stuff put into this box that you just can’t help being excited about it coming in the mail!


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