imagination mail review

My Imagination Mail Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + GIVEAWAY | April 2018

imagination mail review

Imagination Mail is a monthly children’s subscription box that sends STEM learning items like; crafts, books, games and more. Boxes are themed seasonally and include a letter from that month’s seasonal character. There are 2 different box sizes – the Mini which contains 7-10 items for $24.99 or the Full which includes 9-15 items for $27.99.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first look inside the My Imagination Mail Box for April. It’s addressed to Oliver

april imagination mail

Everything that we received in our April “Earth Day” inspired box! We are so in love with these assortments! The kids could not wait to play with all this stuff!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

The first is a letter from Mother Earth to Oliver

These are for the “grown up helper” and outline how to use the box and get the most out of it



One thing we know really gets our kids excited are stickers! This sticker book has 308 stickers in total and they’re all fun, brightly colored spring themed sheets

As you can see there are garden animals, flowers and pastel colors! Super cute!


I Love Rainy Days First Reader

There is one thing we can’t have enough of in our house… that’s books. These first reader books are great for our younger kids. The engaging stories and images coupled with short one syllable sentences make reading seem conquerable!

This story about a cute puppy named Noodles and a rainy day (much like the ones we have in April) is a great book for any little guy (or girl)


Sands Alive the Sand Box

Now that the weather is getting warmer this is a great “outside” toy. Magic sand is so much fun and really engages kids with it’s tactile qualities. Wanna see what we do with the contents in this month’s box? Be sure to check out Insta Stories! 


Pickup Snakes

A twist on the classic Pickup Sticks game .. Pickup Snakes is a fun game for the whole family. 25 “snakes” in total with colorful plastic pieces. This is actually perfect because Oliver has been OBSESSED with snakes lately!


Bouncy Ball

This fun bouncy ball looks like Planet Earth. Pretty appropriate for an Earth Day themed box!


Table Topics

These four cards have prompts on both front and back to get people talking at the dinner table. Our kids love the game Table Topics – so these fun nature themed (and April inspired) questions will be a fun addition to our nightly rounds!


Card Stock & Markers

Get children drawing and writing with cardstock and markers. We received 5 pre-folded pieces of cardstock and envelopes as well as 3 markers. Have them write a quick note back to Mother Earth and whoever else they’d like!


Earth Craft

This cute craft really gets kid working their fine motor skills. Peeling and placing the appropriate colored stickers on the Earth cutout! We think this is really cute and love that the little circular stickers are glittery!


Grow a Little Star

Grow Chia to look like a star in this small tray. This is a great way to get kids playing with soil in a small, supervisable setting. The best part is that they’ll get to watch it grow each day! We think this might be our favorite item included in this month’s box


Sands Alive Jungle Friends Molds

Use these animal shaped molds with your Sands Alive! These durable plastic shapes are washable and help kids to create animals out of their Sands Alive Sand. We can’t wait to have the kids use these!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Imagination Mail Box is an awesome way to get your kids working with their hands and excited about the day to day events of life! The presentation is great, everything is packed super cute and arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome! We love that they include name brands that we all know and recognize. And curation is terrific. For an Earth Day themed box they really did a great job of rounding up different nature themed goodies! We love this subscription box!


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