polliwog post review

Polliwog Post Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2018

polliwog post review

Polliwog Post is a monthly children’s subscription that sends a themed card, stickers and a pre-stamped postcard each month. Subscriptions are $7.95 monthly and for each Polliwog Post that’s purchased one is given to a child in the hospital.

*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

march polligwog post

Everything that we received in our Polliwog Post Package for March. The theme is, “The Butterflies are on their Way”.


So what is all this stuff?

Each package from Polligwog Post comes with a pre-stamped postcard. Your child will design the whole thing.

You’ll add all the important info on the back


Our card for this month says, “The Butterflies are one their way, the Frogs are Coming Out to Play” and has a couple little prompts for your child to work on


The inside of our card has a couple more prompts as well as our personalized saying, “Oliver you are the coolest dude ever.” We love that it includes a maze!

And of course our fun spring themed stickers for this month. There are flowers and owls and frogs and so much more – all in a fun pastel colored palette!


Okay so now what?

Oliver really worked hard on this month’s card. He has to start school in the fall so we worked on his pencil holding technique. He colored the frog red because, “It’s his favorite color.”

We have to admit that this is one colorful butterfly. Sort of impressed with his color collecting skills!

He really enjoyed the maze in addition to all the other little prompts. If we had let him.. he would have probably used yellow to color in everything.

Finally we filled in the postcard. He wanted to make it out to his best friend Will. We helped him hold the crayon to create the heart and both their names. He colored in the heart all by himself. We can’t wait to see what Will thinks of this card! So cute!


So in summary

We can’t break this down the way we do our typical subscription because we know what we’re getting when we subscribe to Polliwog Post but we think this would be great for family that lives too far to see the child on a regular basis and it makes a great opportunity to work on fine motor skills as well. Oliver always has a great time completing this subscription and we think your child would too!


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